Perfect Temps: A Seasonal Perspective.

Spring-55 degrees
Summer-77 degrees
Fall-68 degrees
Winter-18 degrees


eco eco

about 15 years ago

Summer and winter each need to be lowered for me. And fall now that I look at it again.


about 15 years ago

My perspective:

Spring-55 degrees
Summer-77 degrees. With a 5 MPH wind off The Lake
Fall-45 degrees (it's fall it has to be "crisp")
Winter-25 degrees.

Terry G

about 15 years ago

eco eco: Starfire's temps are lower if you look at the hyphen as a minus sign!


about 15 years ago

All my temps reference the Fahrenheit scale and above zero temperatures:

Spring: 50 to 55 degrees 

Summer: 77 degrees, with low humidity
70 degrees, with high humidity

Fall: 55 to 60 degrees

Winter: 10 to 20 degrees (depending on where the wind is coming from!)


about 15 years ago

A couple of weather thoughts:

No such thing as bad weather, only different types of good weather.

No such thing as bad weather, only bad gear.

Stay warm everyone.


about 15 years ago

Spring: 58

Summer: 81 if dry, 74 if humid

Fall: 53

Winter: 31.9


about 15 years ago


No such thing as bad weather.  Just bad clothes.


about 15 years ago

from "Fading Away" by James Taylor

I've got a hold on a night in June
I've got room for you and me
I've got moonlight up in the trees
I've got sixty-eight degrees
I've got nothing on my mind
But I've got loving in my heart
And I've got something out in the garden
I want to show you ...


The Big E

about 15 years ago

Crisp is key for fall:  I endorse the 45 plan.  Summer could top out at 72 and I'd be just fine with that.  But I'd rather dispense with "spring" and have it stay 18 and snowing from November through May.


about 15 years ago

All this talk just makes me think of Ol' Yeller's "Jean Jacket Weather."


about 15 years ago

I would make Spring and Fall both 68, with a couple colder days in Fall. And Winter 55. Nothing under 50!


about 15 years ago

spring: 50
summer: 70
fall: 60
winter: 30

i'm such a wimp.  i don't like heat or cold - but boy, does 50 in the spring feel like t-shirt weather, or what?  and 60 in fall is sweater weather.  i love that.


about 15 years ago

I agree with doubledutch...sounds perfect!!  No 80s, no time for me.  And no below zero, my dishwasher even froze up this week.


about 15 years ago

Spring:  60
Summer:  75
Fall:    50
Winter:  20 (and sunny)

Those of you who like 30 degree winters are just asking for ice vs. snow and I will take colder with snow any ol day.

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