November 2009 Posts

Missing Person

Dear Chad,
Please come back to the Artist’s Way group. We miss you!

Everybody else, keep an eye out for the next Artist’s Way session, starting in December!

“Have Yourself an H1N1 Christmas, or, Snufflin’ in a Swine Flu Wonderland”


Rubber Chicken Theater presents its second annual Holiday Comedy Revue, entitled “Have Yourself an H1N1 Christmas, or, Snufflin’ in a Swine Flu Wonderland.”

Looking for a few decent hockey players …

… aged 35 and up to play in a league on Sunday nights. There are 6 teams, it’s supposed to be a 40 and over league but they’re pretty loose on the rules. I’m on the “6th team” — they put together an emergency team so everyone could play every week, but we need a few warm bodies. I would say the level is intermediate to advanced…. So yeah, call Mars Lakeview at 722-4455 if you need any info. Times are between 6 and 8pm, which is pretty nice.

Interview with World-Class A-hole

WMW Still 1

Check out the latest interview with White Man’s World writer/director Jason Page.

PDD Gift Guide 2009

The time to spend money we don’t really have is upon us. So why not give that money from the future to our friends and neighbors? With that sentiment in mind, the folks at Perfect Duluth Day have compiled a selection of locally produced goods and services to add to your shopping list.

The fabulous showcase below is by no means comprehensive, of course. We at PDD would like you to contribute to it through the comments. If you know of a local something special for that special someone, let it be known.

Perfect Duluth Plaid Friday?


So I guess there’s a Plaid Friday thing in San Francisco to encourage shopping locally rather than in the big box stores on the evil Black Friday. I’m not much of a Christmas shopper myself, and don’t even plan to leave the house Friday, but I suppose most people are.

Ideas for reusing a vacuum cleaner

HooverVacuum2We’ve got this old Hoover vacuum cleaner taking up space in the basement. It kind of still works, but mostly it just makes a bunch of noise and reorganizes the dirt on the floor. It was replaced with a new Hoover about two years ago.

I haven’t looked into whether the garbage man will take it or if it needs to be brought to a materials recovery center or what. In the meantime, here’s what I’m wondering:

If I were a creative or moderately handy person, what kind of reuses for this vacuum could there be? Could Tim Kaiser make a musical instrument out of it? Would the brush roll make a good dog brush? Can I donate the hose to Last Place on Earth as drug paraphernilia or maybe a sex toy?

This vacuum was built to clean up the world, so help me resist the urge to just toss it into a landfull. Or at least help me come up with a bunch of entertaining and impractical ideas for reuse before I  just go ahead and  throw it out anyway.

Whatever you do, don’t try to explain to me how it can be fixed. The ship already sailed on that when it was replaced. If you want it fixed, I’ll glady give it to you and you can fix it all you want.

Zooming in on Duluth with Google Maps Street View Expansion

As Perfect Duluth Day and others noted earlier this year, Google Maps Street View arrived in Duluth with a brief run-through. [See the original PDD piece.]

Now however, Google has taken Street View to a major portion of Duluth and surrounding areas, and I write about it with a number of example photos including the Kozy Bar at my personal Web site:

Best Regards,
Lane R. Ellis

David Guttenfelder: AP photographer with Wisconsin ties


AP Chief Asian Photographer David Guttenfelder has been covering Afghanistan since 2001. His photos are impressive to say the least.

He vacations every summer with his wife and two daughters at Three Lakes, near Eagle River, Wis. His wife is from Neenah.

Listen to Mike Simonson’s interview with Guttenfelder on
View Guttenfelder’s photos on

Quick Question

How much do you love the guy at Taco Bell with the fake British accent / Thurston Howell III voice?

The Rez, The Feelin’ Band and Pistol Whippin’ Party Pengins Fri. Nov 20 8PM

The Rez, The Feelin’ Band and Pistol Whippin’ Party Pengins will be playing at the Orpheum Duluth (downstairs NorShor) on Friday Nov. 20 at 8PM – $7 – Get there early and catch all the music!

Light and Love and Healing to you all,
-Patrick Arden McNally

Little boy from Duluth finds E. T.

The Onion: Boy Finds Own Real-Life E.T.

Parrty with two RRs …

Minnesota Vikings badass Jared Allen talks about his mullet lifestyle.

Turbo Rathvon at Beaner’s Central

Duluth’s own Turbo Rathvon will be performing at Beaner’s Central with James O’Neal and Skinny Longfeet. The show is Saturday, Nov. 21 at 8 p.m. Cover $5.

Christmas City of the North Parade 2009

Christmas City of North Parade

Christmas City of the North Parade

Time to get your Parade on! Christmas City of the North Parade 2009 is Friday, Nov. 20 at 6:20.