More harsh online criticism of the Duluth News Tribune

Just when PDD had gone a full month without a post specifically targeting the local daily newspaper, Business North coughs this up for us to share:

DNT Web ‘deep’ linking challenged


Danny G

about 11 years ago

Neat. has 0 pageviews and it's estimated worth is $0.00.

Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

It's not really zero, Danny. It's just that the traffic on isn't high enough for OhStats to create an accurate estimate.

Danny G

about 11 years ago

I know.  I just liked seeing the big fat goose eggs in association with my dopey little fake show.  The $0.00 worth is especially amusing.

It's kind of odd, though.  The service I use to distribute the show has a pretty good statistic system.  Actually downloads of my show rival some of the mere page views on that list.

the Big E

about 11 years ago

I think the DNT very recently killed off the account I'd been using to access its online presence. All very sad. I subscribe to the print edition, but perversely I'm a little reluctant to create a new online persona.


about 11 years ago

I was participating on the DNT online comments section and Buzz, but they have been completely overrun by right-wing whackjobs who, I swear, squat on the Internet 24/7 and have to comment and complain about *everything.* It got so, so damn tiresome hearing the same crap spewed by the same three or four jerks, I just about gave up.

Duluth Daily Photo

about 11 years ago

Is "deeplinking" what Facebook does? I thought I would post my Duluth Daily Photos on Facebook as a way to get people to visit my blog. I was hoping people would join the site and register and start commenting on my photos. But instead, I think people just look at it on Facebook and make comments. I even had one person UNsubscribe from Duluth Daily Photo because she said she saw it on Facebook anyway!

I have noticed when people post other blogs on Facebook it doesn't take you to their site. It opens up within Facebook.

So is this deeplinking on the part of Facebook?


about 11 years ago

¡¡¡¡Facebook!!!! You can die in a fire.

Deep linking is not legally considered fair use, by the way.

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