June 2009 Posts

Stinky Hippies

Duluth’s Trampled By Turtles are playing an unannounced show at the Looch tonight. Mmmm patchouli and bluegrass.

Free Money … Workshop

Make the Most of Your Money

To jazz up this copy, I was gonna post a video of my favorite song about money (James Taylor’s Money Machine) to embed here, but I couldn’t find one. I did find it referenced in some music quotes though here

Is there too much month left at the end of your Money? In this class learn how to budget for you and your family and how to make the most of what you make!

The first 20 participants that complete the class will receive an earned interest gift of $50.00, a desk set to organize and budget for your financial future, and tools to make your money work for you!

Meets in the large conference room at the Building for Women on Wednesday, July 8th from 10 am to 4 pm call Kristi 218.727.3352 to reserve your spot, or just roll the dice and show up, maybe we’ll still have a spot for you. Click the Link above to download a flier with all the details.


Sponsored by Boyz II Dadz. Funded, in part, by a grant from the University of Minnesota Extension and a lot of other great people and organizations that want you to hold on to your money!

What next?

From the DNT, at 3:48 p.m. June 30. (Wish I knew how to screen shot. Help?)

No matter your perspective on the school plan front, seems the district is getting mighty upitty by demanding a water feature:

“Let Duluth Vote members said they posted bond today required to keep their anti-red plan lawsuit alive.

The Duluth school district, however, said the group did not meet the state rules for posting a surety pond, and it is calling for the case to be dismissed.”

Finally (part two)


Soon-to-be (?) U.S. Senator Al Franken, D-Minn.

The real thing?

While walking downtown today I noticed this painted billboard. It’s on First Street, east of First Avenue East.

I don’t remember seeing it before; maybe that’s because it’s facing opposite of the one-way traffic on First Street. In any case, has it always been there? Is it authentic? Restored? A reproduction?


crazy m.b.

check out this excellent post over at dumpbachmann.com on the MSM’s years of silence on Minnesota’s #1 whack-job  here.

Looking for used or cheap lumber/plywood

We are looking to put up a chicken coop in our yard and would like to do so as cheaply as possible. Is there a reuse center in Duluth or other place to get cheap wood?

Nokomis in Wall Street Journal

Nokomis, the restaurant on the North Shore between the French and Knife rivers, gets play in the Wall Street Journal:

Dinner Deep in Walleye Territory

The premise of the piece? “There’s good eats in places other than New York and L.A.” What do we learn from it? “Walleye is a very big deal hereabouts.” In any case, congrats to Nokomis for the (IMO, deserved) recognition.

The Fractals. Beer. Pizza. Prizes. Tomorrow.


Weather doesn’t look great, but it’s sure to be better than last year’s miserable conditions — and that was a blast.

Road tripping this summer?

Why not take a tour of some of the weirdest and most fascinating places out there? A recently started website, Atlas Obscura, is collecting and mapping the weird and wonderful places in the world. MN only has a few so far. I’m a fan of Weird WI but I really like that this is a ongoing wiki to collect the odd and unusual places of the world.  I’m guessing that PDD folks know of all the best places here in MN and WI so add some stuff.  Then when the kids ask “Are we going to Valley Fair?” you can tell them “No, even better.  We’re headed to Dutch Corners Phillips, WI to see Fred Smith’s Wisconsin Concrete Park.”

So which state has the weirdest stuff? MN or WI? I’m leaning toward WI.

Happy sixth birthday to us

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Perfect Duluth Day is six years old today! The photos above are from the first year.

Stop by the Wine Bar at Chester Creek Cafe tonight and raise a toast to PDD. We’ll be there from 9ish to 10ish. Door prize: Two tickets to Suzanne Vega at Big Top Chautauqua on Aug. 29.

Meat Puppets and Retribution Gospel Choir


ALSO: This Friday, July 3 – Retribution Gospel Choir, Burly Burlesque + Kevin Craig – $5 – 11PM – All ages.

Free Movie Monday


Monday, June 29th

6:30 Duluth Art Institute Gallery Tour
7:30 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn


For three Mondays this summer the Duluth Art Institute is screening space related movies in honor of the visiting Smithsonian Show: “Beyond: Visions of Planetary Landscapes”. The first is THIS Monday. Enjoy a free tour of the galleries before taking in the OTHER best Star Trek Film ever made – Star Trek II: Wrath of Kahn. Don’t believe us? See for yourself and chow on free snacks courtesy of Ken Buehler and the Lake Superior Scenic Railroad. The screenings will take place in the ‘Zelda’ theater in the Train Museum.

Another one bites the dust

another on bites the dust

What’s going on with celebs croaking these days?


I got a kick out of a Jeopardy! contestant’s response when describing where White Bear Lake was located. She said that it’s north of the Twin Cities and that, after Duluth, “… there’s Canada.”