June 2009 Posts

The Chicken Hat Plays, July 10 & 11 in Proctor

The Chicken Hat Plays July 10 & 11 at Proctor Area Community Center – 7PM Both Shows


Rubber Chicken Theater presents 16 world premiere plays, all created in one weekend….It’s The Chicken Hat Plays, sponsored in part by Pizza Luce.  

Rhubarb Festival

Rhubarb Panorama

I suggested the Chum’s Rhubarb Festival to Bob Collins for his News Cut Blog as something fantastically Minnesotan happening to cover this weekend for his blog. He said send him some pictures. No idea how to do that exactly as I don’t have his email, and not sure if he was even serious, but I had lots of fun taking pictures with a Speedy Wienie-eye view today. I also tweeted a bit between customers mostly about weather and music, you can read them by following @jprennquist.

“On a Mission from God”

The effects of the state budget deficit will be felt by many, but one example I’ve been talking about is the potential loss of Hibbing Community College Theater. (Disclosure: I work for HCC as a communication instructor).

HCC has developed a top notch two-year theater program and community theater series. For years it has demonstrated to the blue collar Iron Range the importance and possibility represented by the fine arts. Unfortunately, the program is now on the chopping block. But the community isn’t taking this lying down. A deal was struck that if some money could be raised externally the program could continue in some form.

For one night only, a big show will be held that could save a precious community treasure from budget cuts. Yes, that is exactly like the plot of the 1980 musical “The Blues Brothers.” Which is why the cast of HCC’s 2004 production of the Blues Brothers is reuniting for the show. The HCC Blues Brothers and Blues Brothers band is top notch, as good or better than any of the other revivals you might see touring the country and is predominantly stocked with Minnesotans.

We need to fill this massive, historic hall to save theater at HCC. Consider a road trip to Hibbing to send a message in support of the arts.

HCC Theater Support Gala
7:30 p.m.
Thursday, July 2
Hibbing High School Auditorium
(easily the most impressive high school auditorium in the country, and Dylan played there before he was Dylan)

First, enjoy the hilarious promotional video featuring Elwood Blues (Hibbing’s Jaime Tintor, an actor in L.A.). This is well worth the click.

HCC Theater Support Gala featuring the Blues Brothers: July 2 in Hibbing

Send this out. Tell your friends. Tweet and Retweet. Blog and Share. Every town has something to fight for in this unfortunately political battle, but this one is awfully important to the towns of the Iron Range, knocked down by the economy and in need of the healing power of the arts. Tell the people: “We’re getting the band back together.”

Follow some hilarious updates all next week at my blog MinnesotaBrown.com

Seeking Tailor

I’m looking for someone willing and able to do some alterations to a formal (read: hideous taffeta) bridesmaid dress. You’d have about a month. Anyone interested? Email shana(at)shrugrecords.net

Stewart Creek Railroad Bridge on DWP Trail in Duluth

What’s your favorite rickety old bridge in Duluth? Mine is called “Ass Bridge.” At least, that’s what I call it, for reasons that will become obvious if you read on. It’s an old railroad bridge over Stewart Creek in western Duluth. The northeastern side of the bridge is in the Riverside neighborhood, the southwestern side is in the Smithville neighborhood.

Duluth Fireworks Disaster of 1988

A dud shell fell into a pile of unspent shells, and ka-pow! There were six minor injuries and zero fatalities.

RT Quinlan’s tonight!

Any Jacko nights tonight?

Anyone hear of Michael Jackson events (music) in town, or was it all spontaneous last night?

Anyone know anything about this?

There’s an ad in today’s paper about a “salvage stone sale” this weekend on Park Point, at 3101 Minnesota Ave.

The ad refers to a Web site. The site says:

“Own a piece of history: Brownstone, limestone, slate, marble, granite… An incredible collection of historic building elements including benches, capitals, finials, etc.”

Does anyone know if someone is pulling apart an old house out there? Is this someone’s collection of garden decorations? Just a vacant lot these sellers had access to? Are these things from old buildings here in Duluth?

Stories from Emerson School Apartments

The “Beloved Character” thread made me curious about people’s experiences at Emerson School. Any stories?

(+trivia question: What best-selling author went to school at Emerson as a boy?)

Security Jewelers helps make runner’s dream come true.

play front jay and melody

Melody Saleh a two-time breast cancer survivor had set a recovery goal of running The Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon. She entered the lottery to get a spot in the race but unfortunately did not get selected.

Michael Jackson dead at 50


Darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand.

New York Times story

Farrah Fawcett loses cancer battle



Anyone Recognize this Dog?

This cute little Pug was wandering around the neighborhood this morning. Trying to find it’s owner. Found in the area of 12th Ave East and 7th St.

Girl’s hockey co-coach stepping down

DuluthJournal.com is reporting that Amber Fryklund has stepped down as co-coach of the Duluth Northern Stars high school girl’s hockey team. The team’s other co-coach, Jim Knapp, stepped down in late May. Read more.