Identical cousins?


I was at 26th Avenue East and London Road when I saw these two cars. They’re a little unusual, so I thought it was funny to see two together. The question that lingers for me: Is it possible these people are together? Do friends ever buy the same kind of car so they’ll match?


Marin Christensen

about 14 years ago

It seems absurdly plausible for a couple of BFFs to go as far as this to be "twins" where ever they go. I have a feeling they also wear the same outfits, but in alternating colors, and they both have yorkies that are "dating".


about 14 years ago

When I lived in Bemidji car companies test drove vehicles every winter.  The year prior to the new Beetle's release they test drove four or five for several months and they always traveled in a pack.  The car company logo was blocked out in some lame attempt at secrecy.  Duluth does make sense as a place to put a new car through some extreme in-town driving conditions.


about 14 years ago

A lot of times I'd see cars driving down Hwy 2 on their way from MI to wherever. Saw the Dodge Magnum wagons 2 years before release. Cool to see.


about 14 years ago

yes but will they ruin x-mas like patty duke did in the made for tv movie about her life? nobody can toss a turkey like patty duke!


about 14 years ago

Chrysler may be having a two for one sale.


about 14 years ago

I was once in Leif Erickson Park in the summer of 2000. We saw a delorean, a red one. Then everyone got up to look and there were 8 in a row. One was even in the back to the future style.


about 14 years ago

@mevdev JEALOUS!!!

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