Critical Mass Bike Parade! (Friday, June 26)

Come join us for a casual bike ride through downtown Duluth, Canal Park, and wherever else our wheels may take us to celebrate cycling, promote sustainable transport, and take back the streets from automobiles’ boring and destructive business-as-usual.

Critical Mass is a leaderless ride that happens in cities throughout the world on the last Friday of each month.  Everyone is welcome to attend and participate!  Come dressed up in costume, birng noisemakers, decorate your bike!  (this is a parade of sorts)

In Duluth we meet at Leif Erickson Park by Leif’s statue at 5:30pm.  After the ride, riders tend to congregate and socialize in a public area, whether it is Leif Erickson, Lake and Superior St, etc.  Food Not Bombs will provide free food.

Hope to see you this Friday!



about 15 years ago

Critical mass gatherings are counter productive and antagonistic.  Plus starting them at Leif Ericson park where other events are taking place (full disclosure this includes one that I am connected with) and many people walk or bike already is just annoying. As for clogging the roads, it backs up not just one person per car commuters but also visitors, car poolers it interferes with public transit, too.  

If you are a bike enthusiast beware of antagonists or provacatuer types who seem to want to cause anger and frustration to passers by and motorists.  This has happened in the past, I have personally observed it?  

I agree with the ultimate message of promoting cycling and road safety but I don't like the tone of these events.  I could go on and on. 

If people must take back the roads from motorists in this way then why not do this at the mall or some place that is extremely bike/pedestrian unfriendly?  Not leif ericson park and london road which is ten times better for bikes than central entrance.


about 15 years ago

Good point!  I'd love to see a CM down central entrance or arrowhead!!! I'd even join one of those :)


about 15 years ago

Having moved back to Duluth last year after 7 years in Seattle, I would like to share my thoughts on the CM events that I took part in on the West Coast. If the idea is to promote cycling that's great. But I was always embarrassed and disgusted with the few bad apples that always seem to go out of their way to be complete jerks to others driving vehicles on the roadways. Grow up and act your age. All the rude behavior does is make it all that much harder for cyclists to gain respect from others using the roadways. Every CM event was always ruined by the losers that want to "take back" the roads. Hopefully all those losers will stay home.


about 15 years ago

I would love/pay to see a CM event interact/interfere with the H.O.G. rally this weekend...  I generally love motorcycles, but intentionally loud ones make me angry.


about 15 years ago

Drop the "Critical Mass" name and hold bike parades.  Organize them and stay away from the anarchic roots that Masses have.  Don't piss off drivers.  Only take up one lane.  Stop at all stop lights and signs.  

ps - I'm a year-round bicycle commuter and on the board of directors of a bicycle coop (in case any street cred is needed to back up my thoughts).

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