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1st Annual Unofficial Homegrown Basement Show and BBQ

Saturday May 8th
Following the kickball game (2:30pm)

Where you ask? Ask your local elitist cliff dweller!

10W40 at Pizza Luce

$5 cover, but to put it in perspective … you’ll still spend less at Luce then the Rex when it comes to beer … just saying.

Keep Aways and DTs at Pizza Luce

Update #2: Erik Berry is apparently still in the hospital as of today. We hope for his quick recovery! As for the price of the show, which has changed numerous times … ya know what? maybe no one even knows. Hope to see you there!

RT Quinlan’s tonight!


The Hillbilly Hellcats

looking for digital video!

heya folks. basically here it is. the keep aways want your videos! we’re trying to compile good video for our performance at homegrown for an electronic press kit.  anyone going to have their cameras ready? i’m going to be recording most of the homegrown shows i go too and would love video of our set friday may1st at 2am. dont worry about sound quality. i’ll be adding the audio from the board recording in post. i’d like more than one angle if possible. so if you’re going to be there and would like to contribute, we’d love to hear from you.

[email protected]

from vader with love,


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