PDD Sponsorship?

So, the word is that Movies in the Park is a little low on sponsors this year and I had the idea that maybe PerfectDuluthDay could take up a collection to help underwrite the series or, if we get $1000, even sponsor one of the movies. I, personally, would be willing to contribute as I think it’s a great thing for the community. So, my questions are:

1) Would other people be willing to cough up some dough?

2) Does someone have a good idea of how to collect said money in a safe way? Preferably on line with paypal or some such thing.

3) Would the PDD powers-that-be be willing to bless such a sponsorship?

4) If we do break the $1000 mark and can sponsor a night, which movie would we like to sponsor? We get a free week of on air publicity and can do some sort of hosting event that night before the movie.



Paul Lundgren

about 15 years ago

(Previous comment rescinded). 

Let me see what can be arranged.


about 15 years ago

Let's do it.  I'll contribute.  Can we sponsor Men in Black?


about 15 years ago

how about some bands playing and the door goes to MITP?


about 15 years ago

Great idea, I'd be happy to throw in some dough. Paypal is a great way to do it, i know that's how NCLT sells tickets to their annual fundraiser.


about 15 years ago

I'd be willing to forgo a trip through Dunn Bros or even a beer *gasp* and throw that cash towards something I get for free.


about 15 years ago

Movies in the Park is one of the best parts of summer.  I would be happy to donate!


about 15 years ago

I know plenty of people who would love to help out, myself included! MitP is something I look forward to every summer.


about 15 years ago

I thought the vendors at least were making money hand over fist


about 15 years ago

oooh...bands...there's an idea. used to go to a similar movie in the park dealio down in the  seward hood in minneapolis a few years back, and occasionally, they'd show a silent flick (chaplin or something like that) with an accompanying instrumental band.

silent flicks with music.


about 15 years ago

Yes, bands, then donate the funds!!!

zra, how about Battleship Potempkin? Perhaps we could organize a rag-tag orchestra and some really loose arrangements. That would be a blast!

Paul Lundgren

about 15 years ago

I spoke yesterday with Trent Edgerton, who runs Movies in the Park. He is uncomfortable with the notion of soliciting the public for money at this time. He's determined to drum up support from business sponsors and keep running the movies for free.

Perfect Duluth Day might become a sponsor, but if it happens it won't be through collecting donations from readers.

This concludes your update from PDD Headquarters. Have a perfect Duluth day, and we'll see you ... at the movies.


about 15 years ago

mev...i'm down. get the kaiser, molina and edgewood in on it and we've got a band!


about 15 years ago

lord, 'loose' would be near understatement of any 'band' I'd be a member of... could probably manage the chords to House of the Rising Sun, or some very offbeat song-poem version of Scuppers the Sailor Dog that I've entertained myself with once or twice..


about 15 years ago

was trying to pretend I was someone else, or, another part of myself, that is, but the gravatar function unmasked me, drat!  So to answer Admackbar's statement on behalf of Speedy Wienie, for some reason the vendors do not make money hand over fist something to do with keeping prices low enough so as not to break all of your customers and various other factors including weather concerns, food waste, personnel costs and (in my case) giving away a little too much stuff to people I find amusing and/or endearing.  Sound familiar.  But then maybe some vendors do make a lot of money, no one ever accused me of being a shrewd businessperson   


Thanks for considering a sponsorship, Paul. Very classy of you to consider such a thing. I've been involved since before the beginning and it is one of my affiliations that i cherish the most.   Good exposure, too, although not so sure you would do it for that reason.   


As for bands, music, etc.  On the night that my organization is sponsoring July 24th, we did arrange for some time and etc for a band to play.  So if this pdd night thing doesn't work out ... you might be able to squeeze in elsewhere.


about 15 years ago

exactly, edge, which is why i tossed your name out there...i would 'loosely' consider myself a musician, and that's being awfully generous with that title, being that a.) i can't carry a tune, b.) i can't read shaped notes and c.) i'm tone deaf.

i, however, can and do enjoy making rhythmic noise on improvised instruments, gadgets and hand drums...

although T.K. and aaron would be more than adept at 'carrying' the two of us.

Tim K

about 15 years ago

It had better be "nice" out. Oh, and people need to buy CDs


about 15 years ago

Zra: Poorus @ the NorShor. 

Best soundtrack to Metropolis ever. Christian Mcshane, Bill Meier, Tonya Van Collateral Damage, Lefty Johnson, Ryan Jadjdwiki (more I know I am forgetting), special guests and Doogla on set design and props.

From the Archives: 6/19/2004 Christian

Hello -

Surprisingly good night tonight. Played bass for an old improv band named "poorus" at local bar RT Quinlan's followed up by Black Eyed Snakes. I left when there were so many people packed in that you couldn't squeeze a penny between them. Plus, my feet literally stuck to the floor in the bar area (I don't really want to know why or what was down there) and it was so smoky I couldn't breathe... even though I myself smoke. I don't mean to whine but I remember some years ago I used to actually like that kind of atmosphere. sigh..... perhaps I'm growing up... sigh (again).

Anyway, after 6 years I believe poorus is finally dead. Tonya (violin) is moving to Flagstaff, AZ next week. I'm glad it went out with a bang instead of a fizzle. Fun night. Good show. Many new faces (where do all these people come from??)

Aaron & I discussed the next if thousands album last week. We have some very cool ideas. More soon.

Joe Cunningham's web site now has a section of just bands - including a ton of photos of us. Check it out, as well as all his other images. The guy has got an amazing eye. Once again he's captured the heart of what if thousands sounds like visually. Amazing.

take care & hope all is well with you


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