Tooth Terror

scary toothAnyone have a suggestion for an oral surgeon for a squeamish, terrified patient with a screwed up wisdom tooth? I’m talking about a doc who is a pro with pain management, read: will knock my butt out and send me home with adequate pillage.



about 15 years ago

I go to Dr. Steven L'Abbe down on London Road next to where Yanni's used to be.  He's great and terrific at pain management.  He ground down a chipped tooth of mine to a nub, put on my new "tooth" all within about an hour and I never felt a thing.  Amazing work and very friendly too.


about 15 years ago

I was referred to Dr. Charlie Babst ( when I had all of my wisdom teeth pulled.  He was gentle and competent.  I ended up with no swelling, no dry sockets, and minimal pain (IV sedation as well as a refillable pain prescription).  Overall, I considered my ordeal a success and would return to him if I ever need further Oral surgery.


about 15 years ago

just got a tooth pulled by Gary Hedin at downtown dental care last monday. he's a pro, painless and he's a ween fan. what more do you need to know.


about 15 years ago

What's his shoe size?


about 15 years ago

Do it in the operating room under general anesthesia.

Todd Gremmels

about 15 years ago

My experience is with Dr Jennings at Blue Stone and there was little pain after he pulled one of my wisdom teeth. The guy is a skier so he has to be cool. He is not afrad to dish out the pain meds either. Oh by the way take the local and do not go under. If you go under it is proven that there are longer recovery times.


The Big E

about 15 years ago

I second Todd's recommendation.  I found the experience of having someone yanking at my mouth with large pliers while someone else tried to hold my head still to be interesting in a Marathon Man sort of way.

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