I thought I saw a squatch!!! What is Bigfoot Music Productions?

For a while now, people have been asking what Bigfoot Music Productions actually is. So, we thought we would take a minute to provide a little clarification so everyone can fully understand what we are doing.

The basic premise is simple: Bigfoot Music Productions is an advocate for the “little guy” in the music world. Virtually all music and festivals operate on the same business model they have for decades, and frankly, we are tired of it. It is very sad when many of these people who are here to “help” musicians, in reality, are only there to make their pocketbooks a little bigger. We have been to far too many festivals where great bands have been offered bad time slots, usually when a big name headliner is playing. This gives fans virtually no opportunity to hear this great music. Of course, we also understand that many people like this kind of set-up, but we want to go down a different avenue and it extends far beyond just music.

We want to connect our communities and music in a manner where everyone benefits and is appreciated. We work together and not against one another. When you help out Bigfoot Musical Productions, we help you out. When businesses and musicians do not support each other it creates many issues (far too many to get into here!) and we want to eliminate that.

For us, music is a very important part of our lives. At Bigfoot Music Productions we strive to get music to your ears that you may not have had a chance to hear. No, the performers that work with us do not sell out the Target Center. They do not sign complex legal documents that really make no sense except for the people that benefit from them (booking agents, bar owners, etc.). Instead, they play music because it means something to them. They want to get it heard and we want to help. What we do then, is help put on, organize, and advertise musical events (gigs, festivals, singer/songwriter competitions, etc.) that feature local, homegrown talent as well as the direct involvement of community businesses and organizations. One of the hallmarks of a Bigfoot Musical Productions event is that no acts ever play at the same time. Ever. We want you to have the chance to hear all of the great music that this region has to offer and trust us, there is a lot of it that you are not hearing because these bands don’t have the “connections” or finances to get their name out there.

Trust us when we say that going to a Bigfoot Music Productions event is an experience. It is an experience that harkens back to days of old, when fans, musicians, and businesses worked as a collective entity. So take a chance one of these days, and check out a Bigfoot Music Productions event. You won’t be disappointed and we hope you will be part of our community!

Sam Squatch

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