Just an old fashioned basement sale



If you enjoy basements, weird music, beer, vintage clothes, and- most importantly- FUN, then you must come to my sale. Sunday night from 8-11 (serious shoppers should come at 7). After all, EVERYONE will be there. Namely: Ronald McDonald, Jimmy Hoffa, Chuck Norris, Xena, my sister(??), Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, Sammy Macon, your mom, etc.  628 N. 10th Ave. E.- back door (off of 7th St.)



about 15 years ago

I want that guys boots


about 15 years ago

I want that girl's tape deck.


about 15 years ago

I want that old computer.


about 15 years ago

i want the like-new comfy wedge sandals that i got at bob's basement sale last night.


about 15 years ago

i think i used to have that tape deck when i was a kid. it actually belonged to my dad and i kind of absconded with it. knowing him he retook posession of it when i left home and it's probably in his storage unit in a box someplace, or packed among the couple of thousand or so VHS tapes my dad collected.

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