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Just Another Beach Day in Duluth


A funny thing happened on the way home from the Duluth Airshow … or is a crash landing not a funny thing?

Plane crash in Stanchfield

From the Isanti County Sheriff’s Office:

On July 9 at 6:50 p.m., the Isanti County Sheriff’s Office Communications division received a report of a plane crash in Stanchfield Township, close to the address of 38045 Lever St. NE. All emergency personnel were started to the crash.

After several minutes we received information that there were no injuries and the pilot and copilot were out walking around.

Upon arrival it was determined that a retired U.S. Navy 630 Bi-plane, yellow in color, had engine failure while flying from Duluth to Anoka.

Poll: Best Restaurant on the North Shore

north shore fork spoonLast week we compiled a list of nominees for the best restaurant on the North Shore of Lake Superior. The specific territory: Knife River to Grand Portage — basically anything in Lake or Cook counties was eligible for nomination.

Obviously several Duluth-area restaurants are technically “on the North Shore” — in particular the winner of PDD’s Perfect Restaurant Poll: New Scenic Café. For this poll we’re looking at places that are, at the very least, a serious bike ride from the Zenith City.

What’s the Perfect North Shore Restaurant? Vote now and have a say. Keep in mind that this is a runoff poll, so as time goes by the number of options will reduce. If the restaurant you initially voted for is eliminated, you may vote again among the remaining options.

We started with 27 nominees, then whittled it down to the Final Four: Angry Trout Café, the Crooked Spoon, Gunflint Tavern and Vanilla Bean.

This poll is now closed. The results were:

Gunflint Tavern – 35 percent
Angry Trout – 26 percent
Crooked Spoon – 22 percent
Vanilla Bean – 17 percent

This Week: baked goods, brews, Boku and more

Untitled design
Here’s a bit of what you’ll find in this week’s PDD Calendar:

Local vendors sell produce, baked goods and other items at the Hermantown Farmers Market, the Backpacker Magazine Get Out More Tour visits Trailfitters, Kenny Ahern brings his Kaleidoscope show back to the Duluth Public Library, folks can learn about whitetailed deer at Gooseberry Falls, brews and literature are paired up at the Red Herring Lounge, Boku Frequency plays as part of the Chester Creek Concert Series and an adaptation of one of the most beloved action films ever comes to the Zinema.

Downtown Duluth’s Sidewalk Days are happening once again, Red Mountain plays on the pier at Glensheen Mansion, Hermantown is the place to catch live music and grab some suds and grub, glam metal meets Broadway at the Duluth Playhouse, forty artists are featured in the Duluth Art Institute’s outdoor-painting festival, Lake Place Park is the site for two evenings of dance, the Hilltop Obstacle Fun Run goes down at Marshall School and the Bayfront Reggae & World Music Festival returns.

Where in Duluth #144

wid-4 wid-3 wid-2 wid-1

Four images, all shot at the same Duluth location. Do you know where?

Reflections on Race and Community-oriented Policing

DavidBeard_SEThis is going to begin in Milwaukee, pass through St. Paul, and end in Duluth.

When I was a kid, the Milwaukee Police Department gave away baseball cards. The cards were printed for the police with the Milwaukee Brewers as the celebrities. Each officer carried two, and you had to talk to more than one officer over the summer to collect a full set. It was a great strategy for bringing families and police together. My favorite Brewer was Rollie Fingers, because he had a handlebar moustache. I didn’t know anything, any damn thing at all, about baseball.

Rollie Fingers Baseball Card

The baseball cards were part of a “community-oriented policing” initiative. I was a kid; I barely understood what that meant, but I understood the problem it was meant to address.

In 1981, when I was nine, Ernest Lacy was arrested on suspicion of rape in Milwaukee. According to an account in The New York Times, Lacy was taken into a police van, where “two of the officers then held his legs down by placing their feet on his legs, and a third officer placed his knee between Mr. Lacy’s shoulder blades, forcing him to lie face down with his left cheek pinned to the ground. … Then, one of the policemen pulled Mr. Lacy’s arms up beyond his shoulder blades and over his ears [with] one violent, convulsive seizure and then the black man was absolutely still. … [T]he extension of Mr. Lacy’s arms toward his head interfered with the flow of oxygen to his lungs. … [T]his was fatal.” Lacy was taken alive into a police van and was removed dead, a victim of police brutality.

(Another man was convicted of the rape, if that matters to anyone reading this. It shouldn’t for Ernest Lacy any more than it did for Clayton, Jackson and McGhie.)

Six old pictures of Duluth’s Cascade Park

Cascade Park in Duluth Minnesota View_of_Cascade Cascade Cascade_Park_ Cascade_Park Cascade Park circa 1908

Click any thumbnail to view the full images.

The Trio’s Trek to (almost) Canada


The Trio‘Tis the season for North Shore hiking videos. This one is by Jake Oswald.

Portage – “Shake the Bones”


Portage - CreaturesPortage performed in KUMD’s Studio A in May, a few weeks before releasing the EP Creatures. The band formed in Duluth in 2011, but has been Minneapolis based for most of the past five years.

Selective Focus: Plein Air Duluth-Paint Du Nord


Next week the Duluth Art Institute will be hosting its second annual outdoor painting festival, Plein Air Duluth: Paint du Nord, from July 10 – 16, 2016.

Duluth Alligator Attack Testimonial


Glen’s Neighbor – “Destiny”


UntitledDrummer Pat Byrne produced this video for Glen’s Neighbor, utilizing practice session footage and some Duluth scenery. The song is from the band’s debut album Behind the Door.

Nominees for Perfect North Shore Restaurant Poll

north shore fork spoonWarm weather and wanderlust have Duluthians dreaming of a North Shore vacation. In this spirit, we’ve decided to conduct a poll to determine the best place to eat up the shore.

Before voting, we have to establish a list of nominees. What are the criteria for determining a North Shore Restaurant? After some debate, we’ve decided to include eateries on the shore located in Lake and Cook counties, from Knife River in the south to Grand Portage in the north.

While it might seem counterintuitive to some, this means the New Scenic Café is not included in the poll, since it is located in Duluth Township. It’s abundantly clear the Scenic is a favored restaurant; the café won PDD’s Perfect Restaurant Poll and has drawn accolades from foodies farther afield. For the purposes of this poll, we’re looking for restaurants that require a little more of an excursion from Duluth.

What’s the perfect North Shore restaurant (besides the New Scenic Café)? You tell us. We’ll round up the nominees and produce a poll in the coming days.

Call for Duluth Alligator Attack Video Testimonials


Since I don’t appreciate the sass I am getting from the Mayoralty on this issue, I would like to issue a call for citizen video testimonials. Have you been attacked by an alligator in the Duluth city limits? Tell your story on PDD. Let’s MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD.