Pak’s Green Corner on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

Guy Fieri buzzed through Duluth and Superior in July 2014 to shoot four segments for Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. In this clip he visits Pak’s Green Corner in West Duluth. Pak’s closed shortly after the segment aired. The building was sold and demolished to make way for a new Superior Choice Credit Union location. (A 15-second commercial precedes the segment.)

Duluth’s first escape room to open Nov. 28

Duluth Escape Room Group Adventure Game

Solve EntertainmentThree Duluthians have formed a business partnership to open a downtown storefront during the holiday season for a physical adventure game in which participants use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues and escape.

Silent Night: A Live-Action Adventure will open Nov. 28 in the Stanley Center, 408 W. Superior St. It’s the work of a new immersive event company, Solve Entertainment, aka SolveEnt. The partnership is comprised of Andy Bennett, Richard Hansen and Matthew Wagner.

Cirrus parachute deployed in Arkansas

Note: CBS News has removed its video of this report, therefore PDD has removed the embed. There is a different, non-embeddable video at cbsnews.com.

Former Walmart CEO Bill Simon was piloting a Duluth-manufactured Cirrus SR22T heading from Bentonville, Ark., to Waco, Texas, when he ran into engine trouble shortly after takeoff. As CBS News reports in the clip above, the airplane began to lose altitude and Simon made a split-second decision to deploy the safety parachute. He glided to the ground and landed on a stretch of road, the entire aircraft still visibly intact.

Duluth 2015 General Election Results

Duluth Election 2015 Emily Larson Chuck Horton

Emily Larson cruises to victory in the mayoral race. Elissa Hansen, Noah Hobbs, Gary Anderson and Em Westerlund are new city councilors. Alanna Oswald, David Kirby and Nora Sandstad join the school board.

With all 34 precincts reporting …

Duluth Mayor
Emily Larson – 15,352 | 72%
Chuck Horton – 5,862 | 27%
Write in – 125 | 1%

Kounty Quarthouse on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

Guy Fieri buzzed through Duluth and Superior in July 2014 to shoot four segments for Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. In this clip he visits the Kounty Quarthouse, a “five-star dive bar” in South Range. (A 30-second commercial precedes the segment.)

The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank – “Down the Line”


Video directed by Joshua Priestley, shot at Bayfront Festival Park on July 11.

Video Archive: Gary Doty wins second term


For your Election Day amusement we take a trip to 1995.

Twenty years ago, Gary Doty defeated challenger Herb Bergson to earn his second term as Duluth mayor. Doty served a total of three terms, holding office from 1992 to 2004. He did not seek a fourth term. Bergson became mayor in 2004, defeating Charlie Bell.

Where in Duluth?


Another easy one.

Shorty’s Pizza & Smoked Meat on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

Guy Fieri buzzed through Duluth and Superior in July 2014 to shoot four segments for Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. In this clip he visits Shorty’s Pizza & Smoked Meat in Superior. (A 15-second commercial precedes the segment.)

Duluth Bread CSA

Photo by Rolf Hagberg

Duluth’s Best Bread croissant
Photo by Rolf Hagberg

Would you like to get bread and croissants every week and support local foodways? Duluth’s Best Bread is starting a community-supported agriculture program this month.

The way a CSA works is that you pay a fee up front and in turn are guaranteed bread every week — including occasional special loaves not usually offered, like challah, rye or whole wheat. All you do is come pick it up.

List of Duluth-area restaurants that are closed on Mondays

Sorry closedMany years ago I made the blunder of driving a friend out to Eddie’s in the outskirts of Superior on a Monday to discover it was closed. Last week some friends were texting about a meetup at the Spirit Room. The final text read: “Spirit Room is closed. Thirsty Pagan!”

In an effort to prevent other Monday-dining disappointments, and because PDD loves lists, here is a rundown of the eating establishments in the area that are closed on Mondays. If you notice a place is missing from the list, shout it out in the comments.

This Week: Election Day, Jackson Browne, Martin Sexton and more

Untitled design
Here’s a bit of what you’ll find on this week’s PDD Calendar:

Learn about your roots with the Twin Ports Genealogical Society, a new Duluth mayor (and more) is selected on Election Day, UMD is holding a lecture about the effects of mass incarceration on black men, the story of a famous ship that went down on a November not that long ago is told, Gaelynn Lea releases an album and the Duluth Explorers Club has its first meeting.

Learn to Curl, the dinner-theater show The Kitchen Witches goes up, a famous blockhead named Chuck stars in a musical, the DSSO meets local original songwriters and musicians, Jackson Browne brings his brand of Swedish black metal (j/k) to the DECC, a guy named Martin brings a ton of sex to St. Scholastica and the Chicken Hat Plays happen once again.

Gannucci’s Italian Market on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

Guy Fieri buzzed through Duluth and Superior in July 2014 to shoot four segments for Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. In this clip he visits Gannucci’s Italian Market in West Duluth. (A 30-second commercial precedes the segment.)

Last Boo on Grandview



This is the last year the house on Grandview in the Chester Park area will be haunted. After 25 years, that’s sad, but thanks to the owners for such good times. Glad it was your house and not mine.

Positive Energy Outdoors seeks help


Can you imagine spending your honeymoon with 16 sled dogs? The founders of Positive Energy Outdoors did just that. It is emblematic of how Stephanie Love and Blake Cazier have devoted their lives to their mission of making outdoor education and exploration accessible to everyone, regardless of income level. Pictured above are two champions. On your left is Stephanie, and on your right stands SOTA, a champion lead sled dog who has won the Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon.

As many of you saw in the Duluth News Tribune recently, they face the potential closure of this popular outdoor education center if they cannot resolve a dispute with Fredenberg Township involving access to public lands. All of us in St. Louis County have a stake in this matter. After all, it was our own county board of commissioners who gifted this land to the township with the understanding that everyone currently using the land would continue to be allowed to do so. Please consider signing their petition.

To learn more about this incredible nonprofit organization, located a scant 15 miles from Duluth, check out my current post on Ed’s Big Adventure. Please help to keep this valuable center of outdoor activity alive.