Break Shots


Video by James Holak.

This Week: flyin’, tyin’ flies, tryin’ cases and more

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Here’s a bit of what you’ll find on this week’s PDD Calendar:

A two-artist exhibit opens at the Zeitgeist Arts Cafe, The Vagina Monologues is at UMD, hip-hop violinists are at St. Scholastica, the nerds are back in action at Teatro Zuccone and the Rose Ensemble is at Sacred Heart.

Learn about the art of local food at the Depot, catch Bill Staines at Amazing Grace and see a Trial by Jury at The Underground.

Add to this some rock and roll, the latest by the Minnesota Ballet and even a flytying workshop, and it’s a mighty full week.

Photos from Duluth Polar Plunge 2015


Great costumes, great turnout of willing idiots to jump into a hole in the lake for a cause. Just awesome, everyone!

Crazy Pine Siskins

We have a gazillion pine siskins at our bird feeders right now. The feeders have to be filled twice a day to keep up with these ravenous little guys. Does anyone know what the story is? We have had siskins before but never so many at one time. Undoubtedly our seeds are tasty, but …

Slowing Down

Friday night, I celebrated my friend Scott’s birthday. When I asked him how old he was, he only said that he was 39 again. I know that feeling.

Bobcat in the Snare

From my friends at Wildwoods, with a warning that some images are graphic:

Selective Focus: Siblings

Sharon Mollerus

Sharon Mollerus, “Scuffle”

Our first friends, as goes the cliché; seldom mellifluous relationships, ever-vying for our parents’ beneficence, until one day we can’t. Others may love the personae we construct, but they can never supplant the primacy of our siblings who’ve known us longer, seen the rough drafts of our most essential selves, and if we’re fortunate, still care.

The Mitten


Another cold day today, more crazy cold coming this weekend. Be careful out there, dress appropriately.

Has a little of Uncle Harvey gone missing?

Harvey1 harvey2

Mike Scholtz’s photos of the sand- and gravel-hopper ruins known as “Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum” suggest the round column near the shore collapsed at some point in recent days. The photo at left is from 2013. The photo at right is from today.

Free Fix-it Clinic

You may have heard the story on MPR about fix-it clinics last Friday. If it sounded like a good idea to you, you’re in luck. Duluth Technology Company is hosting a fix-it clinic this Saturday. The Duluth East Daredevils robotics team and the Duluth MakerSpace also partner to help provide fixing and tinkering talents.

Postcards from Duluth’s ore docks

Duluth, MN, Mammoth Ore Docks, Aeroplane View, c1920s

Duluth’s first ore dock was built in 1893, just east of 34th Avenue West. The Duluth, Missabe and Northern Railway built several docks there for loading iron ore from the Iron Range for shipment to steel plants in the East. The first five docks were built of wood, which was gradually replaced by steel and concrete.

UMD 2014 Homecoming Kegger Video


Warm up on this cold February day with a junk-grabbing, fire-spraying, keg-standing party video.

This Week: bands, beards, the Birkie and more

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Here’s a bit of what you’ll find on this week’s PDD Calendar:

There’s swing dancing at the Sports Garden, one of Jack Black’s former advisors is speaking, the North Shore Scenic Railroad is training conductors and the Duluth Boat, Sports, Travel and RV show gets underway.

That darn cat is still up on that hot roof at the Playhouse, there’s a lecture at Mitchell Auditorium on recovering traditional Dakota knowledge, a double art opening is taking place at the Depot and short films are being screened.

Add to this tons of live gigs, including one centered around beards, one at an Italian restaurant and one by a band whose name recently changed, and it’s a full docket of things to do and see.

(Ah, heck, let’s throw the Birkie and the Polar Plunge on the pile, too. Why not?)

Dan Dresser recording session at Sacred Heart


A behind the scenes look at the recording session from last week at Sacred Heart.

Moving the Infinity Stone