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What’s more American than PDD?

I don’t recognize any of the PDD community in this trailer. Were we all out of town when this guy rolled his Airstream through Duluth?

Michael Fedo read at UMD

Michael Fedo read at UMD, and at LSC. I gained a genuine appreciation of him as a humorist.

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Where in Duluth?

Lunar Eclipse

In case you missed the lunar eclipse, here’s an abbreviated version with music.

Looking for wedding officiant and photographer

My fiancé and I are planning a small informal wedding Saturday July 12th of this year in Duluth. Any recommendations on a great photographer I can check our or wedding officiant? What was your experience?

This week in LakeVoice

This week at LakeVoice we look at the Lake Superior Zoo, healthy foods, and a virtual, zombie-infested Duluth. We also feature a story written by a Duluthian.

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Help the Camp Miller Crafts Room

The Arts and Crafts room at YMCA Camp Miller gets a small budget every year but we’re looking to expand that to include a more comprehensive and skill based artistic experience! This year I’m the Arts Specialist and I’m looking for donations so I might be able to teach fiber arts, ceramics, paper making and wood working. Friendship bracelets are great, but if campers could leave camp with a new hobby like knitting or pottery, they’d be able to explore a craft with a greater artistic potential.

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Duluth Band Profile: American Rebels

Americans Rebels mixes feedback and smooth rock on The EP. Kyle Maclean and Scott Millis talk about the band’s forthcoming album. Click on the image above to hear the interview.

Soundcloud Accumulator for Duluth Music

If I left this thread open for a few days, and promised to alphabetize into a master list the SoundCloud pages of musicians who posted their SoundCloud links here, would anyone do that? Would it be interested?

I ask because I was posting about Tim Kaiser on FB, and noted that there were two Tim Kaisers on SoundCloud, and I wondered: what if there were a master list?

The Sound of Breaking Ice

Pushing my camera through the ice at Stoney Point a few days ago.

Instrument Repair

Where can I get a flute repaired?

Preferably not Schmitt. Please let there be another option.

This week: Dessa and the Marx Brothers


Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

Tonight at UMD, Rachel Lloyd, author of “Girls Like Us,” talks about sex trafficking in America. This was rescheduled from an earlier date due to weather. Imagine that.

Live radio broadcasts are becoming quite the thing lately. Have you noticed? Take it With You premiers locally with a live show at The Underground on Tuesday.

Do you have junk in your trunk? Get it appraised at The Depot on Wednesday.

Trivia Mafia on Thursdays at Pizza Lucé joins the throng of live trivia games around the area, including Geeks Who Drink on Wednesdays at Red Star, Battle of the Sexes Trivia (also on Wednesdays) at Dubh Linn and the Pub Quiz at Carmody on Sundays.

Dessa graces the stage at the Rex on Friday.

Rubber Chicken continues its periodic series of live reads of movie scripts with a Live Read of A Night at the Opera featuring LOON‘s Sarah Lawrence and Cal Metts at The Underground on Saturday.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know.

Advice on Places to Elope in Duluth

My fiance and I are from Southern Minnesota and are planning on eloping on May 30 in the Duluth area. Our immediate family is coming as well. We were thinking we would either want to be married on a beach or on an overlook on Superior Hiking Trail. I really like the idea of an overlook but I don’t want all of us to have to hike two hours to reach it. Do any of you have any ideas of which beaches would be best and where some of the best overlooks in Duluth are (preferably with a view of the water) within a reasonable walking distance? We also are looking for a plan B if it rains. Somewhere outside but with a gazebo or a nice looking building etc. Both of us want to get married outside and don’t want the rain to ruin our plans! Suggestions?

Duluth has a lot to answer for

I do not sit comfortably with publicly rebuking the City of Duluth whether or not I am half a continent and an ocean away. I tried discretion to no avail. While I accept that nobody owes me answers, there is somehow justification in demanding them.

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Duluth Depot

Duluth Mystery Photo #13: Ella Jackman

The woman seated in this photo is identified on the back as “Aunt Ella Jackman.” So, of course, inquiring minds want to know: Who was this Ella Jackman and what about the woman standing over her?

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Video Archive: How many geeks can you fit into a Kia Rio?

The third iteration of the Geek Prom happened ten years ago at the Great Lakes Aquarium. As a publicity stunt, we decided to find out how many geeks we could cram into a Kia Rio. Answer: 21. The more important question, however, was: Could we make WDIO anchor Dennis Anderson lose his composure? Answer: Yes.

Neighborhood Book Burner Strikes The Little Free Library!

“Well I never!” What a way to start the day. Here at Loaves & Fishes on Jefferson Street, someone decided to set our Little Free Book Library on fire this morning! An officer happened to be driving by and she noticed flames emanating from the library so she stopped, grabbed her fire extinguisher, and extinguished the flames. Who thinks it’s a good idea to burn free books? Seriously.

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Public lecture season…

Universities in our region rarely schedule as many public lectures in the dead of winter the way they schedule them in the spring. Driving is safer for regional guests, while longer daylight means more community members will brave the parking hazards of campuses.

As a result, then, I’ve been to too many public lectures lately.
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From the PDD Archive: Leave a Message at the Beep — Jan and Wes Edition

Ten years ago Starfire amassed a collection of tapes from answering machines that ended up in local thrift stores. This is post number two of two featuring the old audio clips. The previous post featured the messages of the Twice But Nice store. Today we resurrect the audio files from the answering machine of Jan and Wes.



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