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Wonderful Duluth: Photos of the 1972 Flood, Part Six


Selective Focus: Randomness

Photo by Kip Praslowicz

Kip Praslowicz, untitled

This is the debut of a new weekly feature on Perfect Duluth Day in which we showcase a collection of submitted pictures on a chosen theme. The first theme is “Randomness,” which is sort of the opposite of a theme, but provides some sense of the range of photos we’re looking for. The featured image is above; more images on this theme are below.

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Where in Duluth? (Designated Smoking Edition)


Halloween Banner Contest winner

The winner of the PDD Halloween Banner Contest of 2014 is Mark Ryan with this entry.


Honorable mention goes out to the submissions below. Thanks to everyone who sent photos, all of the submissions are now in the rotation along with photos from past years.

Home dressed as the White house for Halloween


Be wary of any loose wall outlets, and don’t mind the smell of gasoline in the carpet.

My wife and I decided to turn our front window into a Breaking Bad themed display so our house could dress up for the holidays as a meth kingpin’s abandoned home.

Duluth Target Discount Store opens in 1962

Duluth Target Store 1962

Built in 1962, the Duluth Target store was one of four Targets built in the company’s inaugural year. Roseville was the first store; the other two opened in St. Louis Park and Crystal. Target President Doug Dayton said the new stores would, “combine the best of the fashion world with the best of the discount world, a quality store with quality merchandise at discount prices, and a discount supermarket.”

Where in Duluth?


Fall Colors on the Brule River at Judge C. R. Magney State Park

Brule River at C. R. Magney State Park

Photo Tour of Nopeming

Nopeming photo by Andrew Perfetti

Photographer Andrew Perfetti has posted an interesting series of photos of his time “discovering the abandoned hospital on the hill.”

For background, there’s a history of Nopeming on Zenith City Online. Also, check out Substreet’s “The Nopeming Stories: Recollecting a Century of Use and a Decade of Abandonment.”

Nopeming Chateau Roof

Duluth Mystery Photo #20: Who was F. W. Miller?

F. W. Miller Residence on Park Point

He had a house on Park Point. That’s all we know.