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Selective Focus: Blanket Fort

Marija Majerle

Marija Majerle, untitled

This week’s theme is simple, merely a matter of where you feel secure; whether that’s among your family, with a loved one, even out in nature, or at a favorite watering hole. Next week let’s see images of the people, places, and things that make you insecure, test your mettle, and remove you from your comfort zone. We’ll call the theme “perilous,” and again, your broadest interpretations are encouraged.

Where in Duluth?


Saw this one this morning. It’s tiny, but it stood out, so maybe someone else will remember seeing it.

Found: The Elusive West Duluth Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl in West Duluth

If you’ve followed Perfect Duluth Day closely for more than a year, you might know that my wife and I are the world’s laziest and lousiest birders. We have cheap binoculars and cameras, and basically just try to keep an eye out while we are engaged in an activity like cross-country skiing. Last year, during an owl irruption in the Duluth area, we saw zero owls. The only snowy owls we had seen in our lives, before today, were in captivity at the Lake Superior Zoo and the World Bird Sanctuary in Missouri.

We had a few failed missions last year, seeking the elusive snowy at Rice’s Point and the Bong Airport. After hearing reports of sightings near Duluth Business University and Wade Stadium this year, we decided to give it another try. We saw a bald eagle at Grassy Point within minutes, and figured that was a good sign. We knew from reading Sparky Stensaas’ blog post about Superior Snowy Owls that it’s generally easier to find them in a stupid place, like on a football scoreboard (in his case) or a piece of industrial equipment (in our case) than in a beautiful wilderness environment, so we were only moderately surprised to find our gal at Erie Pier in West Duluth, perched on a bulldozer.

Selective Focus: Resolve

Margaret Harstad c/o Erika Fryklepak

Erika Fryklepak, untitled

With “resolve” I’d asked for images of what you’d like to leave behind in the new year — vices, habits, excess, etc. — as well as things you hope to carry forward and to cultivate — whether those are things as tangible as a garden, or more ephemeral- like say, gratitude, mindfulness, or empathy.

Where in Duluth?

Taylor Swift

Time for another installment of Perfect Duluth Day’s ultra-thrilling photo-trivia sensation. Where in Duluth was this shot taken?

Selective Focus: Light

Marissa Murdy

Marissa Murdy, untitled

Given the perpetual greige skies of Duluth this late-December, looking at last week’s light-themed photos was a necessary pleasure. And, as I can see no reason now to stop being seasonally appropriate, our theme next week will be “resolve.” Again, here’s a word that is capable of many possible valencies: tenacity, commitment, coming into view, and more.

Selective Focus: Getting Around

Kip Praslowicz

Kip Praslowicz, untitled

This week’s entries covered a wide spectrum, though I had hoped someone might have submitted that jet outside the American Legion Post 71, or even a shot of illicit substances (I mentioned conveyances of any sort, yes?). Bear in mind, our themes are open to your broadest possible interpretation. The ironic, the cheeky, and the challenging… all are welcome here (except perhaps the snarky).

Selective Focus: Time

Marija Majerle_time

Marija Majerle, untitled

Nice to see so many diverse interpretations of this week’s time theme: down time, killing time, bath time, seasonal time, time capsule, even perhaps “time to break your lease” (thanks Tyler).

Select Images from the 1934 Denfeld Oracle


Back in the day, Denfeld art students competed in the Proctor and Gamble contest, the Scholastic Award or the House Beautiful Cover Design contest. Miss Genevieve Bancroft was the art instructor, with the assistance of Miss Nellie Smith.

Selective Focus: Warmth

Marissa Murdy

Marissa Murdy, untitled

It’s good to be reminded that however bare and frozen our present surroundings may be (though granted, there’s an austere beauty there too) that current conditions aren’t permanent, and are not beyond most of our abilities to moderate them — given enough light, loved ones, woolen wear, fire, alcohol, some occasional nudity … whatever is close at hand.

Wonderful Duluth: Photos of the 1972 Flood, Part Seven


Wonderful Duluth: Photos of the 1972 Flood, Part Six


Selective Focus: Randomness

Photo by Kip Praslowicz

Kip Praslowicz, untitled

This is the debut of a new weekly feature on Perfect Duluth Day in which we showcase a collection of submitted pictures on a chosen theme. The first theme is “Randomness,” which is sort of the opposite of a theme, but provides some sense of the range of photos we’re looking for. The featured image is above; more images on this theme are below.

Wonderful Duluth: Photos of the 1972 Flood, Part Five


Wonderful Duluth: Photos of the 1972 Flood, Part Four