Beaver Bay Posts

Postcard from Spruce Point Motel in Beaver Bay

Featured here are two undated postcards from Gallagher’s Studio of Photography that promote the Spruce Point Motel in Beaver Bay. The older card shows how it was originally a one-story structure before the second story was added.

Confusing enough?


This sign is on the entrance to the Green Door Lounge in Beaver Bay. I guess it means that even though the place is going to be closed on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays, it will still be “open” on Mondays and Tuesdays … with the quotation marks maybe indicating that they are “open for suggestions” or something. Maybe that’s how the “new hours” work.

Famous Beaver Bay Invention: Sexual Armor

SexualArmor00234The Green Door, a liquor store and bar in Beaver Bay, has a framed tribute to Ellen E. Perkins. She was the inventor of “certain new and useful Improvements in Sexual Armor.”

The account on the wall of the bar reads:

Surprisingly enough, the sexual armor invented by Ellen E. Perkins of Beaver Bay, Minnesota is not for defense against assault but to keep the wearer from playing with himself. In her 1908 patent she calls the practice that the garment is designed to prevent one of the most common causes of insanity, imbecility and feeblemindedness – especially in youth – and equally true of both sexes. Her profession, by implication nursing, had made her very familiar with the subject.

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