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PDD user account registration problem fixed

Anyone trying to create a user account for Perfect Duluth Day from Saturday night to this morning, probably saw this:

The problem is fixed, and creating an account should work now. We apologize to those who were frustrated by this.

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5 Comment(s)

  1. I am outraged.

    adam | Jan 31, 2012 | New Comment
  2. ERROR: Invalid outrage status.
    ERROR: Sarcasm deflected by further sarcasm.

    Paul Lundgren | Jan 31, 2012 | New Comment
  3. Yet another missed opportunity for an Upset Duluth photo. | Jan 31, 2012 | New Comment
  4. I have been flummoxed.

    adam | Jan 31, 2012 | New Comment
  5. Call it an early morning lack of coffee, but for a second, Sabre looked like Starfire…

    “Registration stopped by Starfire.” | Feb 1, 2012 | New Comment

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