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R.I.P. Fizzy Waters, Crabby Ol’ Bill’s


Two Duluth businesses owned by Steve and Susan Smith are closed. Fizzy Waters was a specialty soda and candy shop that recently moved from Canal Park to West Superior Street. Crabby Ol’ Bill’s was a food stand that operated out of an old boat in Canal Park.

Lovit Soft Drinks from Fitger’s


I read that Fitger’s made soft drinks during prohibition, but this wooden case I found doesn’t look all that old. Does anyone know when they stopped making soda?

Perfect Duluth Soda?

So, I make Fizzy Waters a regular stop while I am in Canal Park, but it’s not the only place I get tasty sodas.

50-cent soda pop machines in Duluth

pop-50-cents“One soda … 12 ounces. Fifty sen! Sold. It’s been a pleasure frequenting your establishment.”

–Michael Douglas as William “D-Fens” Foster in the 1993 movie Falling Down

I noticed recently that Twin Ports Cyclery in the West End has a pop machine inside that charges 50 cents, which is the amount that should be forever recognized in the U.S. Constitution as the official price for a can of carbonated water, citric acid and corn syrup.

I’m wondering if there are any other 50-cent soft-drink machines around town. Please note them in the comments.

I know the Last Place on Earth probably still has its 40-cent (or was it 45?) machine, but even at that price it hardly seems worth it to go in there, and the place is shut down right now anyway … or has it reopened again? I can’t keep up. Please consider all questions in this paragraph to be rhetorical.

Oh, and I don’t want to hear about any 55-cent machines. Might as well be a dollar.

Annual Requests: Mountain Dew Throwback and Paczki in Duluth

Fat Tuesday is coming … and yesterday, at Mt. Royal, I found my annual fave, Mountain Dew Throwback.

So, where have you seen the made-with-sugar, not-corn-syrup delight called “Mountain Dew Throwback?” And what other sugar-soda delights are available in Duluth? Last year, I discovered the Mexican Coke at Cub via this thread. I’m open to other, maybe even local? sodas.

And: last year, I discovered that not all Super Ones are the same. The Paczki delights vary from location to location. Last year, the Lakeside Super One was awesomest — best in taste and appearance. But where will I find them this year?

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Annual Food Queries: Throwback; Paczki

I’m looking for two seasonal foods:

1. Any stores with Mountain Dew Throwback still in stock … a gas station, a grocer — anything. This is number 1 priority.

2. Pepsi Throwback. Same deal. The no-HFCs is attractive to me.