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UMD Women’s Hockey $1!

Hey sports fans — the UMD Women’s Hockey program wraps up its regular season this weekend at the Amsoil arena. Tickets are $1 in advance! $3 at the door!

For anybody that wants to comment like a caveman and say that women’s hockey is boring, you should know that this team has won 5 national championships in 10 years. These women are some of the best players in the world and many are Olympians. The program boasts every color of medal with current and past players. In a nutshell, these women would school you in a game of shinny any day. But the best part? These young women are really fabulous people. I’ve had a chance to get to know some of them over the years and it makes me a bigger fan.

UMD Hockey Kiss Kam Videos

Check out the UMD Hockey Kiss Kam videos on YouTube. The channel is updated after every home series for both men’s and women’s hockey games.

UMD Alumni Hockey at Amsoil Arena

So, about 10 seconds into the UMD Alumni Game at the new Amsoil Arena, a little kid behind me says, “Even I could beat these guys in a race.”

Yeah, the old timers weren’t nearly as quick as they were in their prime, but the sexy assist from Bill Watson on a Norm MacIver goal was awfully impressive and the new Bulldog digs are mighty sweet.

Bulldog & WCHA Hockey on WDSE-WRPT

Get a front row seat for WCHA action, right in your living room! Live from the new Bemidji Regional Event Center, WDSE-WRPT will broadcast WCHA Hockey games on the Minnesota Channel (8.4/31.4) this fall.

USA Men’s Hockey in Gold Medal Game (plus UMD note)

My earlier local Winter Olympics connections post here on PDD didn’t exactly catch fire, what with Wilco coming to town, people waving pitchforks at the DNT, and new doorknobs or cheaper beer or fill-in-the-blank down at Luce. However, I’m gonna take another crack at the local Olympics connection with these two items.

a) The USA Men are in the Medal Game Sunday afternoon vs the Canada/Slovakia winner (that game is tonight). Captain of Team USA is Cloquet Native Jamie Langenbrunner

b) According to the Wall Street Journal, UMD has produced more Vancouver Olympians than any other college in the World besides the University of Calgary. Full story is here. Naturally, not all of the UMD Olympians are Americans, which is also impressive to me. UMD is a magnet for many of the world’s finest women’s hockey players, including 6 from my ancestral homeland Sweden.

A Tribute to the ol’ Cooper SK-100 Helmet


As the outdoor ice melts on another hockey season, I’d like to take a moment to honor my Cooper SK-100 helmet. We’ve been through a lot together.

Yoda hockey Christmas booze snow goon


Merry Christmas. Let’s have a contest. The person who posts the best snow goon before midnight Sunday wins two tickets to Wilco at the DECC on Feb. 19.

UPDATE: Or maybe the slushy snow will all freeze after this is posted, making it impossible to build a snow goon and forcing this contest to be scrapped.

Looking for a few decent hockey players …

… aged 35 and up to play in a league on Sunday nights. There are 6 teams, it’s supposed to be a 40 and over league but they’re pretty loose on the rules. I’m on the “6th team” — they put together an emergency team so everyone could play every week, but we need a few warm bodies. I would say the level is intermediate to advanced…. So yeah, call Mars Lakeview at 722-4455 if you need any info. Times are between 6 and 8pm, which is pretty nice.

Duluth Recreational Hockey Groups, Pickup Games, etc.

Is there an adult (I use that term loosely) recreational hockey group in town? A variety of Google searches leaves me without answers.

Better yet, how about a women’s group? Ely has a successful group, Chix with Stix, and I would love love love if we had something like this in town.

If the answer is no, then who’s in to get this going?

Herb Brooks “Miracle on Ice” speech reenacted by 4 year old

Here is a great speech reenactment of Herb Brooks “Miracle on Ice” speech by 4 year old Rizzo.

UMD Bulldog Hockey Bootleg Video

This is the only Internet video I can find of the amazing UMD Bulldog hockey victory over Princeton. It includes the final minute of regulation, featuring the tying goal with 0.8 seconds left. (It does not include the game-winning overtime goal.)