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Merry Christmas. Let’s have a contest. The person who posts the best snow goon before midnight Sunday wins two tickets to Wilco at the DECC on Feb. 19.

UPDATE: Or maybe the slushy snow will all freeze after this is posted, making it impossible to build a snow goon and forcing this contest to be scrapped.



about 14 years ago

Fuck the Wilco tickets, just give me the Hydrocodone.


about 14 years ago

1. I'm with Adam.
2. Who are the judges?
3. What exactly constitutes "goon-ness"?
4. Could "Wilco" inside the DECC ever beat Wilco at Bayfront in the windy fog?

Paul Lundgren

about 14 years ago

I knew this contest was doomed when I looked out the window on Sunday morning as my neighbor attempted to dig out her neglected car. She hoisted her shovel, made a swooping strike down at the snow, and the shovel stopped with a cold thud, as if she'd swung at a rock. For a moment she stood there in awe, then turned around and went inside.

Anyway, watch for another chance to win those Wilco tickets in the future.

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