Historic Summer Solstice Flood Disaster Posts

Lincoln Park, June 20, 2012

Duluth Deluge: Daredevils

Right behind the Tappa Keg bar, across the street from the zoo, the tracks are all but gone. However, that did not deter this Duluth Deluge daredevil from making it across. Kids, do not attempt this at home, unless you’re reenacting this scene with felted socks or shadow puppets.

Duluth Flood – Postcard from the Future

My friend Peter Sinclair, who actually is the grandson of an Iron Ranger, has posted a special message about the Duluth Flood on his Climate Crocks web space. Very enlightening insight indeed, and the other Crocks will give you plenty of ammunition the next time your idiot brother in law shoots his mouth off. Be well.

Looting at the River Place Campground

Just when we thought everyone in the Northland was awesome and we were all in this flood recovery, there comes word that there were numerous break-ins and robberies at the flooded River Place Campground next to Boy Scout Landing in Gary. I know that at least five campers were forcibly broken into and significant amounts of property were stolen (including cash and firearms). This occurred on the night of June 23 and/or the morning of June 24 and possible on a few nights previous to that. I have asked the DNT to do a story on it so that some awareness is out there. If anyone hears any information that may be somehow helpful in catching the baddies, please notify the Duluth Police Department.

Chester Park and Creek

Chester Creek Damage

Shots from Duluth Outdoors

We are trying to put something together to have fun/fundraise/organize for flood damage. The problem is so huge that it’s hard to know how to attack but we are thinking Chester Creek and Park since we are named after that. The damage there is significant and federal money will need to be applied for. This event would be more for seed money to apply for grants and do some immediate chainsawing and so forth.

Chester Park Dam

The dam at Chester Bowl washed away with the storm, taking canoeing programs with it. Director of the Chester Park Improvement Club, Thom Storm, said without the dam skiing programs could also see challenges.

Disaster Vultures Have Arrived

I just got the first call from someone trying to cash in on the disaster. Claimed he wasn’t trying to sell something and was just calling in light of the recent flooding in the area. (Right, that is why you are making cold calls.) “Brad’s tree and stump service” offering free estimates. I don’t see this business in the local directory and the number comes up from a cell phone and the name James Macgregor. We are on the freakin Do Not Call List, and our phone has an option that gives a message saying we do not accept calls from solicitors and you must dial one to get through if you are not selling anything. This person must have hit the one to bypass the filter. I would suggest we all be careful of unsolicited help and hire local! This is disgusting!

Duluth Tap Water

Does anyone know the situation regarding drinking tap water in Duluth/Superior are the flooding? Have there been any advisories regarding contamination?

Drying out

Compared to many people, our house wasn’t hit too bad by the flood. But our living room was flooded, the floor messed up, and more than 100 children’s books, some of which I’m quite sentimental about, were soaked. Today, I’m hopeful that they’ll dry out enough to keep. As we looked through them, I saw this one in the mix. Hopefully, it will dry out, too.

Duluth Solstice Flood Footage

Show me the way

Has anyone from Duluth driven to Minneapolis in the past 12 hours? They are saying I-35 is out from Hwy 210 (Carlton) to Mahtowa. But what’s a good alternate route? If the interstate is a mess, I can’t imagine what county roads and highways are viable options. I need to be in St Paul by 2 p.m. — help. I was thinking 210 west to 73 south… but 73 west of Moose Lake is closed. Gahhh.  What about Highway 61 south?  I’m not trusting the DOT 511 Page because it’s not totally in line with what recent news is telling me.


Now can we talk about greening up some of these vast swaths of concrete? Let the rainwater seep into the ground instead of running down the streets, pooling in the parking lots?

Flooding in Duluth and North Shore

Duluth Flood Arial

Rain, rain, go away. With 6-8 inches of precipitation in the past 18 hours, flooding in Duluth and the surrounding area has caused serious problems for everyone. With more rain on the way things are probably going to get worse before they get better. I have been personally fighting a flooding basement, but feel fortunate that is all I have had to deal with. I am wondering if now is the time to start building an ark?

Post your Duluth Flood 2012 pictures and videos in the comments.

Tischer Creek – 6:30am

Duluth Hillside and Cascade Park Flood of 2012

Video of Lake Avenue and Fifth Street on Wednesday morning. My elder neighbor Shirley says that this is “Worse than 1972.”

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