Perfect Duluth Day’s Best Videos of 2010

Retribution Gospel Choir – “Hide it Away”
Yes, it’s the mysterious “burying a treasure on Park Point” video. No news of any discovery of said treasure to date. Originally posted Jan. 14, 2010.


Satan’s Nightmare
In the series of low-budget videos created as part of the effort to bring Google Fiber to Duluth, this one is arguably the best. Originally posted March 25, 2010.


Duluth: Portal to the World (A Google Fiber Documentary)
Among the professionally produced videos created as part of the effort to bring Google Fiber to Duluth, this one is easily the best. Directed and edited by Jason Page and Mike Scholtz. Originally posted March 25, 2010.


Graffiti Graveyard
Nathan Treanor explores the “quarter-mile stretch of filth and creativity” underneath Interstate 35 in Downtown Duluth. The video is from 2009, but didn’t hit PDD until 2010. Originally posted April 12, 2010.


The Moon is Down – “My Amazing Kite”
Abe Curran and Braxton Baker star in this video, directed by Jason Page and Erin McConnell. It was the runaway hit of the 2010 Homegrown Music Video Festival. Originally posted May 4, 2010.


Fred Tyson Doing What He Wants to Do
Somehow he’s not weird enough for Howard Stern’s taste, but that’s fine with the irrepressible Freddy Tyson, because he just does what he wants to do anyway. Originally posted June 9, 2010.


Maria Bamford on MN Original
Duluth native Maria Bamford appears on Twin Cities Public Television’s “MN Original.” Originally posted June 18, 2010.


Two Winter Days in Duluth
Jonathan Bothun’s one-minute glimpse into two winter days in Duluth is just plain gorgeous. Originally posted July 13, 2010.


Charlie Parr live on the Mississippi River
Charlie Parr performs “Mastodon” live on the Mississippi River for MPLS.TV’s weekly live performance series, City of Music. Originally posted Aug. 2, 2010.


Dios Mio – “Shit Life”
Directed by Ryan Sinz, this wholesome rawk video features the infamous “Pervertable” van and oh-so-much more. It was actually released in 2009, but not picked up on PDD until 2010. What a wasted year. Originally posted Nov. 2, 2010.


North Shore Sessions: Sarah Krueger – “Grace”
All of the North Shore Sessions videos are excellent, but this Sarah Krueger piece is our favorite of the year. Originally posted Nov. 7, 2010.