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Nokomis in Wall Street Journal

Nokomis, the restaurant on the North Shore between the French and Knife rivers, gets play in the Wall Street Journal:

Dinner Deep in Walleye Territory

The premise of the piece? “There’s good eats in places other than New York and L.A.” What do we learn from it? “Walleye is a very big deal hereabouts.” In any case, congrats to Nokomis for the (IMO, deserved) recognition.

DNT & Mexico Lindo

Headline on today:

Twins owner Pohlad dead at 93
Carl Pohlad, a billionaire banker whose Minnesota Twins won two World Series titles during nearly his nearly quarter-century as owner, died today, a baseball official said. He was 93.

Sweet…I missed this the first time he died back in January while I was on vacation.

In other news, has anyone been to Mexico Lindo and noticed that they got rid of the burrito filled with french fries and veggies, and covered in oaxaca cheese? I believe this was one of the main reasons people went there (although their other food is good, too). What gives? Would McDonalds ax the Big Mac and think people wouldn’t care?

A & Dubs

I am new to Duluth and live over here in West End…My son and I are concerned about A&Dubs.  Does anyone know when it usually opens? Will it survive the new jr high school renovations?  I tried to call the number and it is disconnected.  I though maybe it opens like Memorial Day or something and folks who are more in the loop would just already know that.

Takk for Maten & Kippis update


Takk for Maten, the Scandinavian cafe, is tentatively set to reopen May 15 in the former DAC deli space in the Tech Village, on Superior Street next to Pizza Luce. The cafe used to be on Lake Avenue just above Superior Street, until an unfortunate steam pipe incident in January.

Takk for Maten (Norwegian for “thanks for the food”) will occupy the space during the day. At night, tentatively starting in June, it will be home to Kippis (Finnish for “cheers”), a full-service tapas bar.

The Score Bar Olympics

Score Bar Olympics Poster

Come play bags toss, beer pong, wii bowling, & darts to compete for the title of the ultimate drinking team! Teams consist of 4-8 people & the entry fee is $5 per person. Includes First Beer Pitcher Free!

Sign up at Score or call 218.623.6706 for details

Dining Al Fresco …

That ever expanding city within a city, or as I like to call it, SMDC-opolis played host to a shockingly pleasant dining experience today …

After the first dr visit of her 10th month of pregnancy my partner and I were both famished and agreed to visit that behemoth’s  hearthstone grill (I refuse to put the extra “e” on grill cause that just grates on me, they are trying way too hard to be something they are not).

Anyway, the food was really good. Nice variety, well prepared, and yeah, it’s cafeteria style, but the service was still really good and quick, and it’s nice to pick out your own serving sizes sometimes, especially when you’re rushed or have a big appetite.

And as my impromptu photo will attest, the view and ambiance were very very pleasant. Although, if you are a neat freak keep your food on the tray as the outdoor tables had a thin, barely noticeable layer of grime on them.

The cost for this very gastronomically and aesthetically pleasing lunch for two cost (that’s one giant and one very pregnant lady so we are talking appetites here folks.) Well, it came in well under $20.

So I’m wondering to myself, am I crazy, or did I just stumble upon a fantastic new lunch place? And even more shocking to me … did I just find the new best place to dine outdoors in the Twin Ports?

1st outdoor lunch of 2009 at the new(ish) SMDC clinic building

Our 1st outdoor lunch of 2009 at the new(ish) SMDC clinic building

Your thoughtful thoughts?

Bangkok Royal?


I know it’s a sometimes losing proposition to ask PDDers for their opinions on restaurants (half usually judge food based solely on price, while the other half have such oh-so-sensitive palates that anything served between the two coasts is intolerable and repulsive*) but nonetheless, here I go.

Has anyone eaten at the Bangkok Royal located in the Village Square Mall? What was your experience like?

*Please realize that I’m exaggerating here. And forgive me for coming across like a royal bangkok.

Earth Hour March 28th

Earth Hour flier 2

Earth Hour is something that is going on March 28th. They just ask you to turn off the lights to your house from 8:30-9:30 p.m. as a way to ‘Vote Earth.’

I think this is  a really cool initiative because last year about 50 million households/businesses participated in Earth Hour by shutting off their lights, and this year they hope to have 1 billion people participate!

I hope you all will join me for Earth Hour on 3/28/2009.

Do you all have any ideas on how to bring Earth Hour to Duluth. Sarah’s table is already serving candlelit dinners for the hour, so if you would like a romantic dinner. 😉 But if you all have any other ideas let me know!

Hoops for Healing


Earth Hour


I am a UMD student and RA on campus and recently I have been working night and day to bring ‘Earth Hour’ to UMD and Duluth Minnesota! If you don’t know about ‘Earth Hour,’ basically it is a global initiative that asks citizens to turn off the lights of their homes/businesses from 8:30-9:30 p.m. on March 28th as a way to vote ‘Earth’. If you would like to learn more about ‘Earth Hour’ the official website is

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!