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Richardson Bros. Podcast: A Robot Legal Analyst on Rittenhouse Verdict

Richardson Bros. House Swarmed by Cops

One of the hazards of living in a house full of props is getting cops called on your casket.

Duluth General Election Results 2021

With all precincts reporting, the results are …

Duluth At-large City Councilor
Top two candidates are elected
Terese Tomanek | 7,959
Azrin Awal | 6,882
Joe Macor | 6,131
Timothy L. Meyer | 1,302
Write in | 108

Duluth 2021 General Election Sample Ballot

General Election Day for the city of Duluth and Independent School District #709 is Tuesday, Nov. 2. Early voting is already underway.


In retrospect, the weeks before 9/11 are almost better defined by the things I didn’t know. I didn’t know, really, how much people in the Middle East disliked, hated America and Americans, sure. And then there are smaller knowledges that I didn’t know — details of events and of governmental decisions that would become clear after the fact.

Duluth Primary Election Results 2021

With 34 of 34 precincts reporting …

Duluth At-large City Councilor
Top four candidates advance to General Election
Azrin Awal | 2,946
Terese Tomanek | 2,893
Joe Macor | 2,589
Timothy L. Meyer | 989
Ashlie Castaldo | 988
Scott Jenkins | 703
Dezuwon “Pez” Davila | 594
Nancy Stam | 508

Duluth Second District City Councilor
Top two candidates advance to General Election
Mike Mayou | 954
Dave Zbaracki | 289
Andrew C. Jarocki | 254
Andrew Hilfers | 24

Duluth Fourth District City Councilor
Top two candidates advance to General Election
Renee K. Van Nett | 653
Howie Hanson | 524
Nathaniel Rankin | 118

League of Women Voters 2021 Duluth Candidate Forum

The League of Women Voters held this candidate forum for At-large Duluth City Council candidates on July 28. Mary Faulkner is the moderator.

Duluth 2021 Primary Election Sample Ballot

Most Duluthians will see a ballot that looks like the sample above when they vote in the Primary Election on Aug. 10. There are two other city council races that will appear on ballots in specific parts of the city.

Peace Pipeline: Duluth-based Yes Men video takedown of Line 3

My brother Allen Richardson and I were “Yes Men” for a day. This is how the amazing project went down.

Duluth 2021 Primary Election Primer

The filing period for candidates vying for Duluth City Council and Independent School District #709 School Board runs June 1-15. Below are the names of those who filed. This post was updated on June 15.

Video: Duluth State of the City Address 2021

Via WDIO-TV, Duluth Mayor Emily Larson outlines priorities for Duluth with her State of the City address.

Duluth’s longest mayoral term started in 1921

On April 5, 1921 — one hundred years ago today — Samuel Frisby Snively was elected mayor of Duluth. He held the office for four terms spanning 16 years. Duluth has had two three-term mayors who served for 12 years, John Fedo and Gary Doty.

Making a Statement

Everyone is expected to make a statement from time to time. The obvious high-level example is when there’s a natural disaster or some kind of manmade violence and we await official remarks from the President of the United States. But it extends all the way to the dinner table, where someone might ask, “Beatrice, what do you think about copper-nickel sulfide mining?”

Some would say it’s rude to bring something like that up over supper. Beatrice might choke on the green-bean casserole in panic, fearing a faction of the family could cut ties with her if she speaks her mind.

In America we like to profess that Beatrice is just as important as Donald Trump or Joe Biden, but we are also quick to acknowledge that opinions are amplified by status and reputation.

Donald Trump has a posse. Joe Biden has a posse. It doesn’t matter if Beatrice is more intelligent, more articulate or could kickbox both of their teeth in. She is just Beatrice. They are Presidents.

Drain Lake Superior

Somebody peed in it.

Drain Lake Superior Facebook page

Minnesota Governors Vote PSA

Four Minnesota Governors got together to encourage Minnesotans to set a good example and vote.

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