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Great Lake Superior fish and chips found!

I went up the north shore looking for a little north woods fun and dinner and found a little bar/restaurant/motel just south of Two Harbors called Earthwood that has a fantastic fish and chips dinner made with lake herring caught by local fishermen and beer battered fries. Two local beers (Bent Paddle and Castle Danger) on tap and huge deck made this trip a memorable experience. Has anyone else stumbled onto any hole in the wall fish and chips shops? The Earthwood can’t be the one and only!

North Shore Sands

My wedding is coming up soon and at my finance’s request we will be having a sand ceremony, where you pour two different kinds of sand in a jar. I remember seeing black sand on the North Shore, however, my frequent trips up there have blurred my memory on the exact location. I am thinking somewhere near Knife River, but don’t want to pay for the gas to get there and be wrong.

Miller Creek Estuary Cages

Good day! I took the high bridge over to Superior the other day and noticed a pair of cages placed in the creek estuary (or estuary-like spot with the water so low). Does anyone have any idea what they are?

Unwelcome in Duluth (part II)

After following the interesting post “Unwelcome in Duluth” and reading a few of the articles mentioned in the numerous posts, I have come to the conclusion that people want different things from this city. Thus, I would like you to ask a few questions to yourself, the people of Duluth to see what kind of consensus can be achieved.

1: What do you want out of a Duluth life?

2: Are you getting it?

3: If not, can this be achievable in Duluth (right now, not in ten years from now or 100 years ago)?

4: What are you willing to sacrifice to get it?

Lake Superior Agate Rings

I am getting married pretty soon and have been looking for a wedding band with a Lake Superior agate set in it. I have looked around town and on the internet but can’t find anything that isn’t too gaudy or girly. (By the way I am a guy looking for a guy ring.) If you know of any shops in the Duluth area that sell agate rings, it would be great to get a comment.

Wine on Tuesdays in Duluth

I am looking for a wine special on Tuesday night. Downtown or Canal Park preferably, but anywhere with cheap wine will do!

Roast of Carolyn Reisberg

Wanna feed the hungry, eat spaghetti and listen to a bunch of “comics” rip apart an ‘ol lesbo, then reel in horror as we give Carolyn an open mic to retort?

Wednesday, April 27, Pizza Luce, 7:30 p.m., $15, (+21)