North Shore Sands

My wedding is coming up soon and at my finance’s request we will be having a sand ceremony, where you pour two different kinds of sand in a jar. I remember seeing black sand on the North Shore, however, my frequent trips up there have blurred my memory on the exact location. I am thinking somewhere near Knife River, but don’t want to pay for the gas to get there and be wrong.



about 11 years ago

Black Beach in Silver Bay, MN. It is actually very tiny rock that was transformed in color over the years by taconite tailings dumped into the lake.

North Shore, MN Road Trip on Highway 61: Weekend Away


about 11 years ago

Isn't ALL sand just "Very tiny rock"?

Mister Digits

about 11 years ago

'Tis my impression that, especially in the tropics, one is liable to find a very high percentage of minute shells.

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