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We Love Duluth

Duluth is a special place. You know that. I know that. Duluth knows that.

We decided to document that fact by spending one day talking to random people in Duluth. We conducted the same basic interview over and over again in different locations for about 8 hours, and then set out to create a three minute video. Hours of film were eventually whittled down to six minutes that we want to share with you now. We hope you like it.

Premiere of local documentary on homelessness, poverty, and the working poor in Duluth

On Tuesday, Aug. 23, the film Duluth Q: poverty homelessness and the working poor, will premiere at 7 p.m. at Teatro Zuccone. There will be a time for community reaction and discussion to follow the film’s debut. Local elected officials, various nonprofit staff, and film makers will be on hand to answer questions and share ideas about how the Duluth community can respond to the issue of poverty.

Frank Jewell Fundraiser Oct. 7

Join us in a “Party for Change” to support Frank Jewell’s campaign for St. Louis County Commissioner. On Thursday, Oct. 7, there will be a silent auction at Zeitgeist from 7-9pm with music from Sarah Thompson and Paula Pedersen. At 9pm we’ll shift over to Luce for a concert featuring DJ Kevin Craig, Shaunna Heckman and Retribution Gospel Choir.

Old Duluth Rock Shows/Posters?

A coworker recently left this poster in her office so I:

1) Pounced all over it.

2) Wondered if others in Duluth have old posters from big name (whatever that means) rock shows that took place here.

Does anybody else have posters they can upload a picture of … or just knowledge of other big acts that have come through Duluth?