Cloud Cult – “Good Friend”

The new Cloud Cult video “Good Friend,” directed by John Burgess, premiered this morning on MTVu.

Claire Stewart – “Duluth, My Home Town”

A nifty animation by Dave and Jean Kirwan set to a 1961 jingle about our fair city. This took first place in the 2013 Playground Short Shorts Film Festival this weekend.

Boreal Owl Irruption

Video by Sparky Stensaas

Trampled by Turtles on Conan

TBT on Conan

Trampled by Turtles performed “Midnight on the Interstate” on Conan. Team Coco’s video embedding is pretty hit or miss depending on your internetting configuration. At one time the TBT clip was available on PDD, but the video appears to no longer exist on teamcoco.com or anywhere else on the internet.

Don Ness Gregnam Style

This was part of Rubber Chicken Theater‘s holiday sketch comedy revue.

Perfect Duluth Day’s Best Videos of 2012

Best Videos of 2012

Here it is: the best way to waste time in front of a computer during the New Year’s holiday — PDD’s compilation of the Best Videos of 2012.

Mont du Laps, Episode 2

[This post originally contained an embedded video that is no longer available at its source.]

This video is a collaboration between Mont du Lac Recreation, Jambox Shred Gear and videographer Hunter Gulan, featuring riding by Dan Spooner, Kai Sandal, Paul Lavold, James Olson, Jackson Brown and Danny Kiolbasa.

Duck Duck Punch — “RGB”

Duck Duck Punch has a new video, a new album and a gig coming up in Duluth — where the band was formed.

Cloud Cult – All the Things We Couldn’t See

Cloud Cult has a new album, Love, coming out on March 5. The track “All the Things We Couldn’t See” is already available to those who preorder the album at cloudcult.com.

The video was produced by Jeff D. Johnson with help filming from Cody York.

Fractal Power at Schooners

Set the Wayback Machine for May 14, 2004, at Schooners Nightclub in the old Canal Park Inn. (The bar closed later that year and the hotel was demolished in 2006 to make way for the new Canal Park Lodge.)

The Murder of Crows at Sacred Heart

Gaelynn Lea and Alan Sparhawk performing an online concert, captured by Lakefront Films. Sound by Jake Larson and Eric Swanson.

Ol’ Yeller – “One Up”

Song from the new album Levels. Video shot in the Lake Vermilion area.

Low’s 2005 performance of “California” on Last Call with Carson Daly

This video was posted on PDD back in 2005 as a QuickTime Movie, but now it has been converted for YouTube, so here it is again. And here’s a link to Chris Godsey’s coverage of it all on mnartists.org.

Sparky vs. Coyote

Wrenshall’s Mark “Sparky” Stensaas is in Yellowstone. Things got interesting while he was photographing this coyote. He tells the full story on his Photonaturalist blog.

David Cowardin says: “No”

[This post originally contained an embedded video that is no longer available at its source.]

Recorded live at Beaner’s Central last week.

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