American Rebels – “Love Song” (Live on The PlayList)

Duluth band American Rebels performs “Love Song” on the April 16 episode of WDSE-TV’s The PlayList.

Upcoming gig: Wednesday, April 29, 11:30 p.m., at Mr. D’s Bar & Grill during the Homegrown Music Festival.

Denfeld Lip Dub 2015: “It’s In My Soul”

42 Days in Duluth: Kip’s Memory Card Dump

Photographer Kip Praslowicz “went a little crazy with the burst mode” and filled his memory card in under two months. This video shows all the photos, from Feb. 26 to April 8, set to random free music available on YouTube.

The Potluck: An integral part of our functionality

A brief peak into conversations at the UMD Costume Shop during last month’s run of Detestable Madness.

Maddy Siiter – “Runaway” (Live on The PlayList)

Proctor’s Maddy Siiter performs “Runaway” on the March 26 episode of WDSE-TV’s The PlayList.

Upcoming Maddy Siiter gigs: April 9 at Jefferson People’s House, April 12 at Pizza Luce and May 2 at Chester Creek Cafe Wine Bar during Homegrown.

Twin Ports Ministry to Seafarers

Lola Visuals produced this documentary about the Twin Ports Ministry to Seafarers, a program that provides hospitality to crew members of the various vessels that navigate Lake Superior and port in Duluth or Superior.

A nice easy paddle through the canal with Dan the Man

Video by Christian Dalbec.

Mickey Smith – Harboured

BuckeyeDuluth native Mickey Smith discusses her art exhibit, Harboured, which was on display in February at the Enjoy Public Art Gallery in Wellington, New Zealand.

Smith currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand. The work in her exhibit centered on shipping-industry imagery from both port cities — Duluth and Aucklund. The photographs, presented as large-scale textiles, came together with live video feed to negotiate the distance between Smith and her father, a former merchant marine still living in Duluth.

The video was produced by Andrew Matautia, with Emma Ng conducting the interview.

Superior Siren – “Leone”

The new video from Superior Siren is produced by Killy Kay. The track “Leone” appears on the 2014 EP Lotus in the Muck.

The Boomchucks – “Antidote”

Presenting the title track from the new album by Duluth band the Boomchucks, set for release later in 2015.

Anthony Bennett – “Natural Disaster” (live on The PlayList)

Anthony Bennett performs “Natural Disaster” from his album Hello Cruel World on the March 19 episode of WDSE-TV’s The PlayList.

A little spring frolic on the North Shore

Video shot and produced by Buchholz Media.

Video Archive: The Moody Blues in Duluth

On March 9, 1994, the Moody Blues played the DECC Arena with the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra. The front end of this video is an interview conducted by Barbara Reyelts for KBJR-TV; the piece concludes with some concert footage. (The interview clip was posted on PDD a few years ago, but had since been removed from YouTube.)

Related post: Major Concerts at the DECC: 1966 to 2010

Minnesota All Hockey Hair Team 2015

Parker Hawk of Hairmantown represents at #4.

Duluth Winter Enduro Video

Jeff Wolf’s view of last weekend’s Spirit Mountain Bike Enduro Race. Music by Red Hot Rebellion.

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