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Duluth-area Auto Salvage


For the benefit of the general public, I’m sharing the results of today’s research project, entitled Which Junkyard Will Take My Useless Old Car and What Will They Give Me For It?

There are several places that will take your car if you strip the gas tank off, drain all the fluids, etc.

If you want someone to take it as is, the closest place to Duluth is Calvary Auto & Salvage in the Rice Lake Township (4825 Rice Lake Road | 723-1294).

A little farther away is Chesney Auto Salvage in the Fredenberg Township (6250 Beaver River Road | 721-4874).

Both offered $50 for my 1990 Ford Taurus, on the conditions that I deliver it to them and bring the title.

Growler Review

brewhousegrowler48567It’s no secret that Fitger’s Brewhouse beers are outstanding, but what happens when you mix a bunch of them together?

Having recently had 11 different Brewhouse beers available at an event, I was faced at the end of the night with many growlers that had less than an inch of beer left. So a consolidation into one growler seemed like the best idea.

The answer to the question at hand is this: If Wildfire Lager is one of the beers involved in the mix, the mix will taste like Wildfire Lager.

2009 Geek Royalty


All hail the new King and Queen of Geek Prom, James Ellingson and Rachael Gilman.


A number of Minnesota’s finest, including Baron Von Rashke, Kenny “the Sodbuster” Jay and Duluth’s own Lenny Lane are featured in the movie Jobbers, due out later this year.

From the Photo Archive | 1979


Thirty years ago, Bud James was one of the custodians at Laura MacArthur Elementary School. All the kids loved him.

Because I was so young then, my memory of Mr. James is fuzzy. What I do remember is that he used to sing all the time, whether it was at assemblies or just randomly in the halls while cleaning up puke. I don’t remember if he was good at singing, or if he was just a ham, but it was great either way.

Every kid should grow up with a singing janitor. Thank you, Mr. James.

Happy 100th, West Duluth Masonic Temple


Euclid Masonic Lodge 198 was dedicated on March 31, 1909. State Grand Master Eugene Swan presided over the services. About 800 people attended.

One hundred years later, it appears vacant and up for sale. The location is 611 N. Central Ave.

Blogging Policies Revisited

By the power vested in me by the founders of Perfect Duluth Day, I present this update to PDD’s blogging policies.

Promotional Content

It’s perfectly acceptable to promote and sell things through posts on PDD. Just don’t abuse the power.

If you’re planning a quaint yard sale and want to hype all the Judy Collins records you’re selling, that’s fine. If you represent Wham-o, Inc. and post a rant about the awesomeness of the Pop Bang Target Game, which is available for the amazing low price of $24.99, your post will be removed.

Obviously there is a gray area between those examples, but as long as what you’re posting has local relevance and doesn’t come off like an advertorial, there should be few complaints.

The Fabulous 1990 Ford Taurus LX


After many years of semi-reliable service, this luxurious family sedan is ready for a new owner. That’s right, the car made famous by this PDD post and this PDD post, can now be yours for the unbelievable price of, oh, let’s say $200.

Superior 2009 General Election Results


State Superintendent of Public Instruction
Rose Fernandez — 1,836  (Superior) — 437,598 (statewide)
Tony Evers — 2,102 (Superior) — 329,034 (statewide)

Justice of the Supreme Court
Shirley S. Abrahamson — 2,804 (Superior) — 473,277 (statewide)
Randy R. Koschnick –1,369 (Superior) — 319,481 (statewide)

This Just In

Two dozen more bodies found in Lake Wobegon

Florida woman getting pale for vacation in Minnesota

Attention Sr. Nerds


The Earlynerd Special is in effect. Discounted tickets to Geek Prom are available now online.

Listen to Jonathan Lee rant about Geek Prom on KUMD here.

Read about Geek Prom in Living North Magazine here. (You have to navigate to pages 24-25. I like that the story is in the Healthy Living section.)

Music at this year’s Geek Prom by Tim Kaiser, Paul Broman and Best Friends Forever.

Congratulations, Beaner’s Central

beanerssnowman348957 You’ve still got that winter spirit.

UMD Bulldog Hockey Bootleg Video

This is the only Internet video I can find of the amazing UMD Bulldog hockey victory over Princeton. It includes the final minute of regulation, featuring the tying goal with 0.8 seconds left. (It does not include the game-winning overtime goal.)

Lutsen Mountains: King of the Midwest Hills

Airbourne - New York Times

New York Times story here.

The ol’ Switcheroo

Perfect Duluth Day moved to a different server today. Let us know if you notice any glitches.

Sorry about all the down time this week. Let’s hope that’s all behind us.

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