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Wind Power Jobs

The news this morning of a major wind company considering Duluth, Superior, and the Iron Range is something we should really go after. There are four states in the running. If you like this type of development, contact your congressman. I’m sure they know about this but I think it would be really important to go do this. This could be huge for Duluth. This opportunity will not come every day. Thanks to those folks who were out front on this and got it to this stage. Anything I can do to help, ask.


If you live in the Two Harbors area, come on down to Dunnigans and listen to Aurora Baer on Friday, Jan. 15. 9-12.

Move your money

What do you think about this idea?

A little history

In 1998, Dick Cheney made this statement. “I cannot think of a time when we have had a region emerge as suddenly to become as significant as the Caspian. But the gas and oil there is worthless until it is moved. The only route which makes both political and economic sense is through Afghanistan”

Feb. 28, 1998. Unocal states that the Taliban government should be removed and replaced by a government acceptable to his company. He argued that the creation of a 42-inch pipeline across Afghanistan would yield a Western profit increase of 500% by 2015.

There is much more history but it certainly appears our newly elected Republican president has bought into this, otherwise we certainly would be doing a green energy revolution, the change that I voted for.

Wind Turbine Manufacturing

Finally with the announcement of two wind turbine manufacturing plants, one in Duluth and one in Two harbors, I can get off that rant. How long did that take, ten years? I hope they work. Now if we could have a pilot program to test stormwater retention through the use of boulevard raingardens, (which have had suceess rates of up to 90% retention in places like Seattle and Burnsville) I could get off that one. But I’ve only been talking about that one for 15 or 20 years. I have another one in my head that would have major economic impact on Northern MN but it is so simple that it would be too complicated for the no republicans and the help everybody else out except the working people democrats, so I’ll leave that alone.

Aurora Baer

Aurora at Carmody tonight. I’ll be in the cities, argggggg.


Aurora Baer tonight at Carmody


Just saw this band at the thirsty pagan. Brought me back to when I grew up. Cover tunes, but are they something you can’t do. Great guitars. People carried tables out for dancing great guitar work, both from Barry and Jim. you could wish you could play so good. Hot rod you would like them.


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