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The news this morning of a major wind company considering Duluth, Superior, and the Iron Range is something we should really go after. There are four states in the running. If you like this type of development, contact your congressman. I’m sure they know about this but I think it would be really important to go do this. This could be huge for Duluth. This opportunity will not come every day. Thanks to those folks who were out front on this and got it to this stage. Anything I can do to help, ask.



about 14 years ago

this post gets picked up by a renewable energy bot program:

Yet no on local comments on it. But we've got a mini PDD-tiff going around the great news that Maria Bamford name-checked us (if I may say "us") in a regional magazine.  

Clearly this is evidence that PDD is more of a arts and entertainment blog than and actual economic or "hard" news site.  Or ... maybe it's just like a virtual small-town cafe where people trade news and there's always a few looking for a friendly argument, even if it's over nothing of consequence. I'm ok with either one of those potentialities, or neither.  

Thanks for posting this Frank.  I hope the effort is successful.  I could use a "real" job and a higher income myself, and about 20,000 other local people could too.  Maybe more.  Maybe all of us.

frank nichols

about 14 years ago

PDD is your full flavor blog. I like it for that reason. Freedom of speech. Tells me what going on. Has a nice dose of humor, has served people find answers to questions about things, And I also have been allowed to talk about things. For those of you who remember that, that was the deepest hole  I've dug in a long time, trying come out sounding a little sane. That's what PDD has, lot of things. The thing about things is some things are harder to listen to then others things. Like the stuff I do. I try to keep it to a minimum. I got called a blowhard on Buzz Duluth the other day . Don't deny it. But don't think I'm going to blowsoft and make you feel warm and safe. There's things happening out there.
      The thing that's happening right now is called opportunity. Something that has the ability to change your city. If your a progressive this is a opportunity to help your city progress on the route to sustainability if that is part of your goal. If your blue collar, Dem. or Rep. this is something about jobs. The opportunities are : A wind blade manufacturing plant somewhere on the Iron Range, a plant in Duluth manufacturing the Nacells, a plant in Superior manufacturing secondary parts , the utization of the ports for shipment of goods here. 1400 jobs. Whoever this company is they are a major player in the global market.
      Four states in the runing Texas ,Ohio, and I forget the other one. Stiff competition. They have seaports to. One of the things these companies look at is. Does the community want it? This will be decided in next couple of months. I think that this is something whether Dem., Rep, or Ind. you should mobilize for. Mn. legislature District Finder will get you to your local, state , national represenatives.


about 14 years ago

On PDD, the event announcements, publicity stuff have laid it on thick as of late, but I can filter it easily enough if I need to :O.  Same thing with ads.  I understand that the whole point is to be a downtown telephone pole that people can tack anything they want to.  Annoying, yet helping community and business nonetheless.  Thanks for the interesting post, frank.


about 14 years ago

As part of the local building trades I have been told by the  President of the Building Trades that the Duluth/Superior Port is one of ideal locations for manufacturing the wind turbine components. The industry prefers an open shop non-union workforce and will not sit down and negotiate with the unions. Hopefully we can convince the investors to have a composite union/non-union workforce and have our brothers and sisters work side by side with the non-union workers and show them that we have the ability to work within their environment.

frank nichols

about 14 years ago

I was wondering today about how long it would take for this to begin.


about 14 years ago

Way of the future. Way of the future.

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