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Gotta getcha shovel if ya wanta go ta work

After finally getting a decent snowstorm, I wanted to have a little fun with the timelapse app. I put my iPhone 4 on my shovel handle with a gorilla pod. It flopped around too much, so I was only able to do a short time lapse.

Clyde Iron Boxing – A Big Joke

When I heard there would be boxing at Clyde Iron, I knew my dad would love to go. He enjoys watching boxing on TV and has never been to a live fight. Tickets were being sold for $20 each for General admission and $40 for what I guess was reserved, although they did not mention what or where those seats would be, in fact the woman I spoke to had no idea how the seating would be arranged.

2011 Lake Superior Photo Calendar by Shawn Thompson

I wanted to share my 2011 Lake Superior Photo calendar with you as I think many of you will enjoy looking at the images found within. This Calendar features images captured by me and showcases the North Shore of Lake Superior and surrounding areas.

The calendar is $19.99 but can be had for $15 until 12-31-10 if you use this code: GREATGIFT355

Daily Duluth Photo

A new photo-a-day website has been launched, showcasing images from Duluth, MN. All images are submitted by people who visit the site.

Basically, by using the entry form, you are put into a pool for the current month. Your image may or may not be picked as the Photo of the Day for any given day of the month in which you submitted.