Clyde Iron Boxing – A Big Joke

When I heard there would be boxing at Clyde Iron, I knew my dad would love to go. He enjoys watching boxing on TV and has never been to a live fight. Tickets were being sold for $20 each for General admission and $40 for what I guess was reserved, although they did not mention what or where those seats would be, in fact the woman I spoke to had no idea how the seating would be arranged.

When arriving for the fights, there were no signs up in the entry way, no employees directing people. A policeman instructed us that General admission was on the upstairs balcony. We went up but were turned away for not having a green “G” on our hands. We went back downstairs, found the mystical person with the green sharpie and proceeded back upstairs. When we got in, the railing was filled and we had entered over an hour early. If you were not at the railing, you couldn’t see any portion of the ring.

They had setup a projector and screen on both sides of the upper level. I did not spend $20/ticket to watch the fights on a projection screen, yet that is what myself and many others were forced to do. It was a joke, people were commenting on how poorly the event was ran and setup everywhere you turned. Someone got over the intercom and apologized for the inconvenience like that would make up for the money that so many people wasted that night. Many people left after the second fight including my father and me.

Hopefully Horton and his promoters will think with their heads before they exhibit more fights in Duluth, especially at Clyde Iron. Then again, Maybe not. They made the money they sought after all.



about 9 years ago

Chuck posted earlier on Facebook and acknowledged there would be kinks that needed to be worked out if he had fights at Clyde again.  Someone did mention to him the confusion about what General Admission actually entailed.  In that case it was a women with MS who didn't realize she'd have to stand the whole time.  Chuck mentioned something about bleachers if he had them there again.  Although that would do nothing for the balcony area.  It seems there probably isn't much you can do to make that usable space after all the spots in front are taken.

Bad Cat!

about 9 years ago

I was eating at Clyde that night, and it looked like a whole lot of crazy confusion that could have been resolved with some signage and ropes to guide people.

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