Daily Duluth Photo

A new photo-a-day website has been launched, showcasing images from Duluth, MN. All images are submitted by people who visit the site.

Basically, by using the entry form, you are put into a pool for the current month. Your image may or may not be picked as the Photo of the Day for any given day of the month in which you submitted.

No rights are taken when you submit, you retain all rights to your images.

If your image is picked as the photo of the day, will remain on the front page for 24 hours. Your website or blog address or flickr address and a description of the photo will be shown with the daily winner. This gets you a link-back to your website or blog which will increase traffic and maybe even lead to print sales.

Once the 24 hours expire, your image/description/web address goes into the “Previous Winners” list archive.

The idea is to showcase the greater Duluth area, while giving local photographers exposure viewers.

Check it out and if you like the idea, submit, spread the word and check back daily.


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sarah p

about 11 years ago

Nice. I am a huge fan already.. It's good to see the tremendous talent of locals and duluth lovers.


about 11 years ago

Good idea. And thanks for sharing.

Duluth Daily Photo

about 11 years ago

This is Naomi Yaeger.
I am the owner of Duluth Daily Photo which I started in August of 2008.  This is my site and I am registered through the City Daily Photo Project.

I started it on Vox.com at www.DuluthDailyPhoto.vox.com and I purchased the Domain name DuluthDailyPhoto.com . That site has been up and running for a few months.

They are all my photos.


about 11 years ago

http://DuluthDailyPhoto.vox.com and http://DailyDuluthPhoto.com are two different sites. 

Confusing, but they are different.

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