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Pineapple Arts now offering music lessons

Pineapple Arts Center in Downtown Duluth is now offering music lessons. Guitar, bass and ukulele lessons are available, and songwriting/composition help can also be provided.

Here’s what they had to say on the matter:

We’re so excited to have Duluth-area musician and News Tribune music writer Tony Bennett (Cars & Trucks, The Dames, Seed Math) offering music lessons for beginners/intermediates this summer! Lessons will be dictated by what the student wants to learn, with a focus on fun and creativity. Tony is able to cover many styles, including: rock, folk, blues, punk, metal, avant-garde, pop, some country, and much more! Give the store a call at (218) 722-2919 if you want to take music lessons ~~THIS SUMMER~~ acoustic and electric guitar ~~ bass guitar ~~ or songwriting and composition. ~~ Lessons are available on Tuesdays between 6-9 PM. Cost is only $20 for a single half-hour lesson, and $70 for a four-lesson package deal!

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New Seed Math album “Four Three Five”


Ten years back, I put out four albums of electronic-type stuff as “Seed Math,” and, today, I’m releasing the fifth album by that project. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want deal over at Bandcamp. Click the link to acquire!

Seed Math – Four Three Five

Cars & Trucks’ “Theatre Stardusk” now available digitally

We have capitulated to the demands of the marketplace! Our new album “Theatre Stardusk” is now available on Bandcamp in any digital format you could hope to have. And we put our other two albums on there, too. If you’ve been holding off buying our new album because it’s only on vinyl, the wait is over. Tell your friends and enemies that the hot new shit is at:

Anthony Bennett — Hello Cruel World

Visit starting right now to download Hello Cruel World, a 15-track album of bits and bobs and odds and ends that I’ve been accumulating for some time. It’s acoustic-type pop/rock/indie music, and it’s my first solo album. For the benefit of your wallet, it’s also free. There’s a bonus Christmas song on the site, too. Happy holidays.

The DOY Podcast, Episode Two

In the second installment of DOY, we go “Behind the Music” with one of Tony’s earliest and most formative recordings, Nate relives church-function sexual discovery, and Jody weighs the importance of his dog’s testicles. Other non-factual topics range from reptilian shapeshifters to Box Car Willie’s lust for children and a mysterious Hardy Boy named Nan.

The DOY Podcast

The DOY Podcast is a comedy/chitchat/whatever podcast. The very first episode features local raconteurs/comedians/ actors/musicians/television hosts/et ceteras Jody Kujawa, Tony Bennett, and Nathan Carlblom talking, singing, telling jokes, being gross, being vile, and just being. DOY is not recommended for children or people who get all freaked out by dirty stuff.

Please give DOY a shot, if you’ve got some spare time where your ears aren’t booked. It may be just what your drums have been craving. And keep checking back for Episode Two and beyond. The idea is to do at least one of these a month.

Cars & Trucks: Album 3 Kickstarter Campaign Ending Soon

Just about a month ago, the Kickstarter campaign to fund the recording and release of the third Cars & Trucks album went live, and the entire thing was 100% funded within 36 hours. We here at C&T HQ were beyond thrilled. But while the project is indeed funded, we want you to know there are still a few days to preorder any of the remaining categories. The project ends Friday at midnight, but, until then, you can still put in for the 3rd C&T album (on limited-edition vinyl with free download!) and all kinds of other stuff that won’t be offered again. Check out the NSFW video starring Jody Kujawa, look at the levels, see if you feel like getting involved. Thanks!

For more: click here

Seed Math IV Digital Reissue


Here’s the fourth of four digital reissues of the Seed Math albums that were originally released in 2003-2004. This one is free for the taking, as are the other three. Complete your set, today! And, please, tell a friend.

New album is recorded and awaiting mastering. (Read: I have to learn how to master and then master.)

Free Duluth music for free Duluth people. Eat up.

RIYL: noise, Beck, Ween, noise, Melvins, psych, etc.

Seed Math III Digital Reissue

Originally released in summer 2004 in a limited edition. Get the digital files of your choice right now, for free.

New Seed Math album is in the pipeline.

RIYL: noise, Melvins, Beck, scuzz, clank, snotty noses, 4-tracks, crappy Casio keyboards, guitar solos.

Seed Math II Digital Reissue


Here’s the second of four Seed Math digital reissues. Originally released in spring 2004.

New Seed Math album coming soon.

RIYL: Ween, Beck, Melvins, Flaming Lips, new wave, psych

NOT RIYL: Creed, Nickelback, Hitler

Peace be with you,

Seed Math digital reissue

Over a year in 2003-2004, I put out four limited-edition Seed Math albums, one every three months, each corresponding to a season. The music was mostly a hodgepodge of four-track fuckery, kinda like Ween or something. I’m rereleasing all four of these in digital format as a run-up to the release of the new Seed Math album (coming sometime before summer). These rereleases will all be free for the taking. The first of four is out now. Please, won’t you expose your taste buds to this Whitman’s Sampler of lo-fi Casio-rock jams? And, if you like any of it, tell a pal?

RIYL: Ween, NIN, Beatles, Melvins, Zappa, Beck, Flaming Lips, shit like that.

See you later.

Free Music from Anthony Bennett

Hi, everybody. I just wanted to let you fine Nazi-and/or-Tall-Ship-loving-or-hating folks know that I’ve got a site now where you can download some of my songs for free in a number of formats. It’s, and I’m going to be posting all kinds of stuff there, over time. Please, if you would, venture over there, see what you think, and if you like any of the tunes, forward the link to someone. Sorry for the spam-flavored post, but, with the impending death of the CD, us muso-types have gotta figure out new ways to get this stuff out in the world. Have a wonderful Wednesday. – Tony

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