Seed Math digital reissue

Over a year in 2003-2004, I put out four limited-edition Seed Math albums, one every three months, each corresponding to a season. The music was mostly a hodgepodge of four-track fuckery, kinda like Ween or something. I’m rereleasing all four of these in digital format as a run-up to the release of the new Seed Math album (coming sometime before summer). These rereleases will all be free for the taking. The first of four is out now. Please, won’t you expose your taste buds to this Whitman’s Sampler of lo-fi Casio-rock jams? And, if you like any of it, tell a pal?

RIYL: Ween, NIN, Beatles, Melvins, Zappa, Beck, Flaming Lips, shit like that.

See you later.



about 13 years ago

This stuff is classic.


about 13 years ago

I would love to see your haircut during that time.

Anthony Bennett

about 13 years ago

Tim: It was pretty much like it is now. But it was spiky and blue, in my soul.

Alan: oh, you!


about 13 years ago

I am a fan of the musicians you listed above but mostly "...shit like that" so having listened to your offerings once can definitely get on board with your sounds.  

If I suddenly grow incredibly aroused and or find major hatred with it I'll let you know.  Post more to PDD and I'll probably download that for a listen and comment as well.  



about 13 years ago

done and done...

and done!

thank you Mr. Bennett. you're my brother from another mother.


about 13 years ago

Finally took some time to give this a spin. 


pretty ambient/easy listening/good beats really overall - makin mah mornin more merry :P

I love the Matthew Lesko Polka - for the novely and Question and Answer Book - for being trippy and Zappa-like and Acoustic Midget Blues - well...for capturing the true essence of Midget Blues and cuz it rocks and it made the SUN come out!

Lookin forward to the next releases



about 13 years ago

Re-listening to this for the second time.  Still weird and awesome.  Need to check out the second release you posted sometime ago as well.

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