Zombie Media: Honey West, the Girl from Uncle and More

I’m still amazed at the media I am finding around town — especially since Best Buy announced it will no longer sell movies or TV shows on DVD or Blu Ray. Will we see a resurgence in the medium in ten years, as vinyl and even cassettes have come back lately?

At the Superior Public Library Sale in September, unusual media was easy to find. Someone had collected some exciting TV series on DVD — with female leads from the 1950-1970s. This included Honey West, The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. and Police Woman.

I grabbed the first two (Honey West and Girl from U.N.C.L.E.), because they are in the spy/thriller/mystery genre (whereas there is almost no police procedural of interest to me, so g’bye, Police Woman). Both have been subjects of comic books (Honey West, a comic in the past decade), which also makes me happier to add them to my collection.

The Two Harbors Public Library Sale, meantime, Fall Edition, included some more Zombie Media — including a must-have for any nerd of my generation.

I was raised by a mother, a grandmother, a great aunt, and a great grandmother (and a passive great-grandfather, bent and feeble because of Parkinson’s), so maybe it’s not unusual that there is as much or more heroine fiction than hero fiction on my shelf.

But at the Silver Bay Library sale at Bay Days, I found the Complete Equalizer, Special 30 Disc Edition. Maybe his place on my shelf represents Papa.

Am I alone in taking some joy in accumulating these discs? Am I alone in fearing that in ten years I won’t have enough money to subscribe to twenty streaming services and I will need these discs?



about 4 months ago

Other then a couple of finds at the Friend of the DPL sale last year we've been attempting to purge ours.  Most end up at Goodwill. Hoping that the new music shop in Lincoln Park will be interested in the copious number of CDs we're looking to eliminate from the shelve as well.


about 4 months ago

Thanks for reserving Police Woman for me. I would cross an ocean and half a continent for a date with Sgt. Pepper Anderson.

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