Mystery Photo: Winding on the Hoist Motor, Duluth, 1908

This image is from a postcard mailed 115 years ago today — April 26, 1908. The writing on the front of the card appears to refer to it as a “new style winding on the hoist motor” in use in Duluth. Perhaps engine experts and handwriting analysts can help correct or affirm this phrase and provide some description of what it means.



about 1 year ago

It seems like an odd image for a postcard. The motor windings appear damaged on the right side. Since he's writing to Schultz with "regards to the boys" at Westinghouse, it sounds like he's reporting findings and the "new" is probably tongue in cheek. The "now in Duluth" part? Maybe he's a traveling repairman for Westinghouse?


about 1 year ago

Yes, I think it's broken and he's being sarcastic somehow. I suspect this picture was taken by him, and simply printed on a postcard back. That was very common, and in the early 1900s people could even print their own postcards at home with pre-printed photo paper. This wouldn't have been a commercially available postcard. I nerded out about this a while back and even bought some of the gear needed.

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