Duluth Incline Magic Lantern Glass Slides from 1893

Car on the Seventh Ave Incline Duluth Minn. 1893

Images here of the Duluth Incline Railway are from three lantern slides, also known as “magic lanterns.” According to the website of the Magic Lantern Society of U.S. and Canada, the slides generally “consist of two sheets of glass, one of which has the image on one side of it and the other which covers the image, and bound all around by a black paper tape.”

The slides shown here are dated 1893 and the captions to the photos are all handwritten on the slides.

Looking up the Seventh Avenue Incline at Duluth – 1893

The Top of the Seventh Ave Incline – Duluth – Minn

Duluth’s Incline Railway operated from 1891 to 1939. It was a tram system that carried passengers from a housing development at the top of the hillside into the downtown along Seventh Avenue West. More information on the incline and many images can be found in the numerous PDD posts on the subject, with perhaps the best summary of its history being in the feature “Postcards from Duluth’s Incline Railway.”



about 8 months ago

Very interesting. John L. Morrison moved to Duluth in 1893, fresh from the dusty plains of Nebraska. I'm sure he saw these exact views.

Paul Lundgren

about 8 months ago

We can start calling the "Perspective Map of Duluth in 1893" the "Morrison View."

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