PDD Quiz: Portorama

Test your knowledge of the bygone Duluth Seaway Portorama in this week’s quiz! To learn more about this festival, check out the Duluth Public Library’s Vintage Duluth blog.

The next PDD quiz sails your way on July 31; it will review this month’s headlines and happenings. Submit question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by July 27.

#1 In what year was the first Duluth Seaway Portorama held?

The first Portorama ran July 8-14, 1959.

#2 What event did the first Portorama celebrate?

The St. Lawrence Seaway officially opened on June 26, 1959; President Eisenhower and Queen Elizabeth II presided over the event.

#3 The Duluth Seaway Portorama was sponsored by this organization.

The United States Junior Chamber, or Jaycees, are a civic organization for people between the ages of 18 and 40.

#4 Portorama included a pageant in which the winner was crowned with this title.

Pictured is LaVonne Rae Englund, Miss Seaway Port of Duluth 1965.

#5 Which of the following was NOT listed as a Portorama event in 1960?

According to a contemporary Duluth News Tribune article, the 1960 Portorama also featured a golf tournament, white elephant sale,  softball tournament, and youth chess tournament.

#6 The sale of these items provided most of the funding for Portorama.

Portorama cost roughly $10,000 to put on; it first turned a profit in 1962.

#7 Later iterations of Portorama coincided with this popular event.

The Duluth International Folk Festival, established in the 1940s, was held in early August.

#8 In 1966, Portorama coincided with the grand opening of this building.

See postcards showing the Duluth Arena-Auditorium, later to become part of the DECC, on PDD.

#9 In what year did the final Portorama take place?

The Jaycees discontinued the festival due to financial losses and low attendance.

#10 What caused Portorama to make local headlines in 2019?

Read more about the state law in question on the Duluth Public Library’s Vintage Duluth blog.


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