PDD Quiz: Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Step up to the plate for this baseball-themed PDD quiz! For more on Duluth baseball history, check out the Zenith City website and the Minnesota Digital Library.

The next PDD quiz will review the headlines from June 2022; it will be published on June 26. Submit question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by June 22.

#1 In what year was Duluth’s first professional baseball team organized?

The team did not have a nickname and disbanded in 1887 (the team pictured here is a West Duluth team circa 1895). Read more on the Zenith City website.

#2 This famous slugger visited the Superior Children’s Home and Refuge Association in 1926.

The Superior Children’s Home and Refuge Association operated in Fairlawn Mansion; read more about the SCHRA on the Zenith City website.

#3 Barbara Rotvig, born in Duluth in 1928, played for the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. What was her nickname?

Read more about Rotvig’s life on the AAGPBL website.

#4 Pictured here are members of the Big Duluth softball team. What was Big Duluth?

Big Duluth was located at 222 W. Superior St. See a photo of it in the Minnesota Digital Library here.

#5 In what year did the Duluth Dukes play their first game at the Duluth Municipal All-Sports Stadium?

The Duluth Municipal All-Sports Stadium, renamed Wade Stadium in 1954, was largely funded by the Works Progress Administration. Read more about the stadium on the Zenith City website.

#6 Superior pitcher Dan Morgan was inducted into this University’s hall of fame in 2012.

Read more about Dan Morgan’s athletic career on the Zenith City website.

#7 In 1920, the Kresge girls’ baseball team was in the race for the pennant in the Girls’ Industrial Baseball League. What was Kresge’s?

Read more about Kresge’s on PDD.

#8 In what year were the Duluth Huskies founded?

Read more about Huskies history (and Wade Stadium) on the Duluth Huskies’ website.

#9 On July 24, 1948, the Duluth Dukes baseball team was involved in a fatal accident involving this vehicle.

Five members of the team died as a result of a head-on collision between the team bus and an ice truck. Read survivor Bernie Gerl’s account of the accident on the St. Cloud Times website.

#10 Actress Dorothy Arnold, born in Duluth in 1917, married this New York Yankee in 1939.

Read a brief biography of Dorothy Arnold’s life on the Zenith City website.


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