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“Duluth’s Most Mighty”: Duluth mention on “The Boys”

Today’s episode of The Boys (season 3, episode 4) contains the following sarcastic line: “I’m sure you and Duluth’s Most Mighty can get the job done.” It occurs at the 15-minute mark in the show. The remark is intended to mean “your unpowered friends and boyfriend are pipsqueaks.” Contains salty language.


Displaced Scotsman

about 2 years ago

Almost fell out of my chair when I heard it. Brilliant show.

Jim Richardson (aka Lake Superior Aquaman)

about 2 years ago

@Displaced Scotsman: Best show on television


about 2 years ago

Hey genius, you do realize that there is more than one Duluth? Your self centeredness is amazing. Oh my god, they talked about my town. Rather than writing an article about how you town was maybe mentioned, try writing to your city council members about fixing your streets or lowering your taxes.

Paul Lundgren

about 2 years ago

This post is part of an ongoing series and it has been acknowledged several times on previous posts that the whole thing is silly. We enjoy silliness. 

The other Duluths are named after our Duluth, so our Duluth is the Duluth. That has been covered in previous posts as well.

High taxes pay to fix streets that crumble anyway because that's how nature works. And that has nothing to do with Duluth being mentioned on television.

Christopher E

about 2 years ago

I agree with Paul. I used to live in Duluth Minn., now I live close to Duluth Ga. Duluth, Ga. doesn't compare!

Also ... The Boys is amazing! Haven't seen this episode yet but now I'm even more excited!

Jim Richardson (aka Lake Superior Aquaman)

about 2 years ago

I would argue (and I will in an upcoming Saturday Essay) that Duluth MN has been synonymous with "the middle of nowhere" ever since Proctor Knott's famous speech in 1871, "The Untold Delights of Duluth." It was a savage satire that alternately made Duluth famous and tarred it with the reputation of being a hilarious nowheresville. That is when Duluth, Georgia, was named after us, because people nationwide found the whole thing very funny for a long time. The suggestion that media references to Duluth refer to Duluth, Ga., are ridiculous. Also, for the record, complaining about taxes is the most boring activity in the history of the world. OK genius?

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