Postcard from City Loan Company of Duluth

This 90-year-old postcard, published by Curt Teich & Co. of Chicago, promotes the City Loan Company in Duluth’s Providence Building. The card is postmarked March 16, 1932. Jesse Leach of 612 N. 57th Ave. W. was the recipient.

The Providence Building opened in 1895 at 332 W. Superior St. and remains there today.

The caption on the back of the card reads:

The City Loan Co., 214 Providence Bldg., is an old established Duluth finance organization. They loan money to salaried employees, wage earners and those keeping house. You can get $5 to $100 today on your plain note. Requests are confidential. — No endorsers needed. Hours 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Telephone Melrose 1207

There is also a message from J. D. Oberg, manager.



about 2 years ago

I never would have guessed that building was constructed in 1895. The digital clock must have been a later edition.


about 2 years ago

Wow, they ruined that building and made it so sterile.


about 2 years ago

Zenith City has a nice history of the building. The renovation that so dramatically changed how the building looked occurred in 1982. The man who originally built it died in the sinking of the Titantic after helping his wife, Alice Munger, into a lifeboat. 

Last month there was a PDD post about a Titanic survivor from Proctor. Only 700 people survived the disaster. Surprising that at least two lived in the Twin Ports. Probably says something about how wealthy the area was at the time.

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