Saturday Essay: Select Gems from 2021

Saturday Essay logo genericTypically the “select gems” feature on the last Saturday of the year has nothing to do with Google Analytics popularity contests, and instead is more of an “editor’s choice.” But 2021 wasn’t an ordinary year for Perfect Duluth Day’s “Saturday Essay” series. As reported last week, a single author swept our annual list of the five most-read essays.

So this year’s “select gems” are the five most-read essays of the year that weren’t authored by Jim Richardson. Because the rest of us aren’t exactly chopped liver.

In the past six years PDD has published 263 essays showcasing the work of 43 different writers, and we’re always looking to expand that roster. Anyone who has an original piece of literary excellence that seems to fit (or appropriately defy) the established format should email paul @ to get involved.

And now, links to a few select gems from season six …

Emerson Sloane’s “The Thing About Essentia Health”
… in which the author encounters a healthcare system that can’t get her name right.

Anna Tennis’ “Guts
… in which the human gastrointestinal tract does what it isn’t supposed to, as usual.

Mark Nicklawske’s “Filling Up at the ‘Coldest Gas Station in America’
… in which the author fills ‘er up at the London Road Holiday Stationstore.

Paul Lundgren’s “Wop Wap Wopatui Whatever
… in which a bucket of fruit and booze is deeply contemplated.

Emerson Sloane’s “Hey, Are You Married?
… in which the author finds Duluth to be a pretty cool place to be trans.

Season seven of the Saturday Essay series starts Jan. 8.

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Shane Bauer

about 8 months ago

Whoa, this has to be the first big snub of the award season with Anna T's "Crime" not getting a nod here!

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