Bear and Three Cubs Messing with Trail Camera

A black bear and three cubs in Voyageurs National Park took a moment to knock over and batter around this trail camera.

The footage is from the Voyageurs Wolf Project, which is focused on understanding the summer ecology of wolves in the park, located about 120 miles north of Duluth.

Viewers might notice something around the mother bear’s neck. The project team isn’t sure what that is.

“Our best guess is that it is some kind of cable or wire,” the YouTube description notes. “It doesn’t look like a collar or anything similar from what we could tell. We know folks will ask if we are going to help the bear and the answer is: we have no way to readily do that. The bear and her cubs are roaming a pretty big area in a pretty wild spot so catching this bear would not be an easy task. But we will share this observation with biologists in the state to see what they think.”

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