Duluth Concert Archive: Blue Oyster Cult in 1977

From the archives. Were you in attendance? Also, does anyone know where/what Samahdi Sound was in Ashland?


Paul Lundgren

about 3 years ago

Tim Kaiser might have been there. Previously he wrote on PDD:

1975 or '76 was a bill with Foghat, Black Oak Arkansas and the headliner was Blue Oyster Cult. I remember because of an awesome section in "Don't Fear the Reaper" where everybody in BOC grabbed a guitar to play the same part in unison. My 16-year-old brain was blown!
Either he had the year and the Foghat part wrong, or Foghat got added to the bill and wasn't on the promotional stuff, or there was a different show with Blue Oyster Cult and Black Oak Arkansas maybe in '75 that included Foghat. In '76 Blue Oyster Cult played the Duluth Arena with Rush and Ozone Grater & the Moon Rock Band.

Helmut Flaag

about 3 years ago

My neighbor was. Weknowdis because I asked him about BOA's tune "Hot and Nasty," sort of a pre-Axl Rose thing, and he let out a big "Eeeewww!" The lead singer was going around wearing white tights at the time, no shirt -- a look he apparently wasn't turned on by. I somehow scored a BOC bootleg in Gonzales, Texas of all places crate digging a couple years back that has a face-melter or two. Oyster was certainly capable. This was probably their peak.

Kirth Gersen

about 3 years ago

BOC have only played Duluth twice - and never with Foghat. This gig was definitely 1977, with Lake opening, then BOA (or, more accurately, Black Oak - they'd dropped the "Arkansas" bit at that point), then BOC.

The 1976 show was the one with Ozone Crater and Rush in support.


about 3 years ago

This concert was advertised heavily on then new FM powerhouse, WDTH.  Those of a certain age in Duluth at that time saw the call letters of that FM station as an acronym for With Dope There's Hope.


about 3 years ago

If you went to the second annual Stone Lake Music & Art Festival in 1978, you could have bought your tickets at Samadhi Sound in Ashland. Or at Downtown Books in Duluth.

It sounded like this: 

If you didn't make it in 1978, it seems you only had two more chances, as the internet says the annual festival had its last year in 1980. But Samadhi Sound only comes up for the 1978 event. And then here for the Blue Oyster cult in 1977. That at least suggests that whatever Samadhi Sound was, it probably wasn't a decades-spanning Ashland institution.


about 3 years ago

In my fuzzy recollection defense, that was 40-something years ago and the devil's lettuce might have been a factor in the veracity of my memory. I definitely remember Blue Oyster Cult and BOA. I must've seen Foghat at another show around that time. Did they open for the Guess Who?

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