Mystery Photo: Another from Cook Ely

This image from the Ely Studio of Duluth comes to Perfect Duluth Day via Neal Eisenberg, a native Duluthian.

“This photo was found in Boston, in a family treasure shoe box,” Eisenberg wrote in an email. “None of us relatives can identify the couple. We assume names like Berg, Karp, Finn, Hurwitz, Sher. The photo looks c 1900-1910, at least to me.”

From a previous post about photographer Cook Ely, we know he operated in Duluth from roughly 1895 to 1914, but that stretch was broken up by a period in which he worked in St. Paul.

So there’s the background. Can anyone identify the handsome couple in our mystery photo?

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about 4 years ago

Loyal Order of The Secret Hand Signal.

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