PDD Quiz: Northland Swimming Spots

What better way to beat the summer heat than to visit your favorite local beach or swimming hole? Whether you prefer a secret pool in the woods or a popular beach, options abound. Dive into this week’s quiz to test your knowledge of area swimming spots!

The next PDD quiz will review the headlines from July 2020; it will be published on July 26. Submit question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by July 22.

#1 Bonfires are legal on this beach (as long as they are at least ten feet away from plant life).

Horseback riding, glass bottles and overnight camping (except during the spring smelt run) are prohibited.

#2 Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum is a popular swimming platform in Canal Park. What was its original purpose?

Read more about the history of Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum on the Zenith City website. 

#3 This river features Jacuzzi Falls, a set of three small pools fed by waterfalls.

Sucker River can be accessed off of Old Highway 61.

#4 Over 100 years ago, folks could Shoot-the-Chutes at Desmond Park. Where was it located?

Read more about Desmond Park (and other Minnesota Point parks) on the Zenith City website. 

#5 This park once featured a rustic cedar bridge.

The bridge was removed in 1931; read more about it on PDD.

#6 Though the postcard erroneously reads “Fremont Park,” these lads are swimming in Fairmount Park. What attraction is located in Fairmount Park today?

Read more about the postcard on PDD.

#7 The Deeps is a popular (and dangerous) spot on which creek?

See YouTube user “MNDuro USA” scuba dive at The Deeps on PDD.

#8 Restoration of this beach was completed in July 2019.

The Great Lakes Restoration website has more on the project here.

#9 The falls at this park, established in 1961, are a popular spot for swimming.

Learn more about Amnicon Falls State Park on the Wisconsin DNR website.

#10 The beach at this park was created in the 1930s when the Civilian Conservation Corps drained Interfalls Lake, rerouted a river channel, and hauled in sand from the shore of Lake Superior.

Pattison Falls State Park is celebrating its centennial in 2020.


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