Rephotographing Duluth 2010/2020

In this video, photographer Kip Praslowicz revisits Duluth locations he shot photos of in 2010 in order to shoot 2020 versions.

One of the photos near the end of the video caught our eye at Perfect Duluth Day because Paul Lundgren shot a similar photo in 2010 from a different angle, showing a perspective that might have easily been forgotten.

Above is Lundgren’s photo from July 1, 2010, of the former Duluth Spring Company plant with a sign indicating the site would soon be the location of Canal Park Brewing Company. Note that the building is about 50 feet from the sidewalk. The brewery structure was built much farther back.

The Lundgren photo above, from July 1, 2020, recreates the 2010 scene, showing the different placement of the buildings.

So, Kip’s 2010 photo, above at left, doesn’t really match the location of his 2020 photo at right.

It would look more like the Lundgren photo, above, if shot from the same location. But the Praslowicz one certainly creates better symmetry between the subjects.

Although the sign read “Opening summer 2011,” Canal Park Brewing Company opened on Nov. 29, 2012.

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