Duluth Chapbooks: Poetry, Fiction, Comics, etc.

From laureates to total hacks, writers and other artists have compiled their works into inexpensive little booklets for hundreds of years. The history of street literature in Duluth has perhaps not yet been explored in depth.

Gathered in this post is by no means a comprehensive collection of chapbooks produced in Duluth, but rather just a smattering of publications that happened to be gathering dust in the Perfect Duluth Day library.

Got one to add? Mention it in the comments and/or email the cover art if you have it to: paul @ perfectduluthday.com.

Of course, it’s not always obvious what the difference is between a chapbook and a book-book, but the general characteristics of a chapbook are that it is a thin volume of photocopied pages folded over and stapled together. Most of the time a publishing company isn’t involved; the artist simply crafts together a small number of copies, usually in the tens or low hundreds. Occasionally a small publisher will kick out a limited run of a thin volume and call it a chapbook, and sometimes the product will be fancier than pages photocopied at the author’s day job while no one was looking, but usually cheap and easy is the rule.

The 2005 Duluth Art Institute Riot
Footnoted Academic and Critical Excerpts
Collated by the Richardson Bros.

Spider Country
Poems by Kat Mandeville

The Save My Life Book
Poetry by Patrick McKinnon

Distant Engines
A Broadside Series
Poetry by Ryan Vine
Cover art by Russ Gran

The Gods of Wild Things
Poetry by Deborah Gordon Cooper
2002, Poetry Harbor

Best of Basement Gloss
By Mark Lindquist
Illustrations by Mary Tennis
2003, Shaky Ray Records

How I Made Millions Writing Poetry
Poetry by Bob Monahan
Artwork by Ryan Lemahieu

*Exceptions to All** of Your So-called Truths
Poetry of Bob Monahan

Occam’s Razor
Comics by Barrett Chase

Dressed Across Time
Patrick McKinnon
2001, Green Bean Press

Resurrection Blues
Poems and drawings by Jon Eckblad

Defacing the Currancy
Poems by Jon Eckblad
Illustrations by Cory Michael Skaaren
1999, Lord Over Nothing Productions

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Jim Richardson (aka Lake Superior Aquaman)

about 4 years ago

This is a worthy project -- thank you, Paul.

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